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*** International Powder & Bulk Solids - iPBS 2018 is over.
We look forward to seeing you at iPBS2020 in 2020.

▶ Date:April 28(Tue)-30(Thu), 2020
▶ Place: Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont (Chicago), IL
▶ Organizer: UBM CANON

iPBS 2018 our booth information

▶ Date: April 24-26, 2018 (iPBS2018)
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Exen Corporation booth#: 1645 (600sf, 20'*30')
MITSUMI Technical/ AAAmachine / AAA Save Energy booth#: 1645 (600sf, 20'*30')
Osaka Gas Liquid booth#: 1645 (600sf, 20'*30')
Tsutsui Scientific Instruments booth#: 1645 (600sf, 20'*30' )
NBC Meshtec booth#: 1645 (600sf, 20'*30')

Sugino Corp. booth#: 1645 (600sf, 20'*30')
Fujisaki Electric booth#: 3732 (600sf, 10'*20')
Nisshin Engineering Inc. booth#: 1355 (225sf, 15'*15')
Asada Mesh booth#: 1355 (225sf, 15'*15')
Freund Vector booth#: 2617 (100sf, 10'*10')
Ohkawara Kakohki Co., Ltd. booth# 3008
APPIE (The Association of Powder Process Industry and Engineering, Japan) booth#: 4143 (100sf, 10'*10')

Yamato Corporation booth#: 3928
Kuriyama of America, Inc. booth#: 2621
Readco Kurimoto, LLC. booth#: 2619
SMC Corporation of America booth#: 1421
Horiba Instruments, Inc. booth#: 3520
Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems booth#: 1837

◆ AAAmachine booth information ◆
AAAmachine is assisting the following global powder handling equipment manufacturers from outside of USA. 
Booth #1645 (Exen, Osaka Gas Liquid, NBC Meshtec, MITSUMI-AAA Save Energy, Tsutsui Scientific Instruments, Sugino), #1355 (Asada Mesh), #1355 (Nisshin Engineering), #3732 (Fujisaki Electric), #2617(Freund Vector)

AAAmachine COOL JAPAN mascot girl "YULI"
(Ball-jointed doll produced by Shiny DOLL)

EXEN Corporation #1645
Air knocker

Air knocker will be demonstrated at booth#1645

Knocker / Impactor 100% operated by pneumatic, to solve any kinds of problems, such as bridging, rat hole, arching, and adhering in the hoppers / bins. This flow-aid device can solve the problem where the vibrators cannot be the solution, especially for fine and sticky powder in toner, ceramics, minerals, food, chemical industries.

Spray dryer

(1) Using patented 4-fluid nozzle, continuous atomizing operation is possible for hours.
(2) Large atomizing capacity of particles in "single micron" size is possible.
(3) Keeps exhaust temperatures low.
(4) Sharp and narrow particles size distribution can be produced.

MDL-050 is displayed at Booth# 2749

NBC Meshtec #1645

NAFITEC / Screen mesh
Nafitec treated / non treated

NAFITEC screen mesh to be demonstrated at Booth# 1645
NBC Meshtec Inc. will introduce
Nafitec for screen mesh. This technology can be applied to stainless steel wiremesh and standard Nylon screen. After applying Nafitec treatment, screen can minimize sieve clogging and can increase through-put up to 5.8 times (depending on the powder characteristics).

Although it is surface treatment to screen, it can last quite long (at least one year for wheat flour) and there is no foreign articles found in the products for food quality purpose. 
ASADA Mesh #1355

Stainless steel wiremesh
16μ opening and Oblong (25/32μ)

Screen samples to be shown at Booth# 1355

ASADA Mesh will introduce
Stainless steel wiremesh (16 microns opening and Oblong - 25/32 microns) for screen mesh. This technology can be utilized for screening spherical metal powder, such as Solder, Copper, Nickel alloy, Ferrite, Iron, etc., Oblong screen can minimize sieve clogging and can increase through-put (depending on the powder characteristics).
Main use is electronic (Solder paste for micro size IC and circuit board) and 3D printing 
Tsutsui Scientific Instruments #1645

Customized instruments

Sonic Sifter

Tsutsui Scientific Instruments's powder flowability test unit  is certified by JIS and is widely used in various industries, such as 3-D printers and others. The company also offers  sieve shakers, sonic sifters,and bulk density measurement devices.
Powder manufacturers have been continuously using Tsutsui instruments for quality control/assurance. The company can customize instruments to meet clients' needs. 
MITSUMI Technical Industry #1645

MITSUMI Iris Valve "CHOKE VALVE" & MITSUMI Diverter Valve

CHOKE VALVE will be demonstrated at booth #1645

MITSUMI Diverter Valve, Iris Valve "CHOKE VALVE"- "half action" of normal iris valves (about 90-degree rotation), can close/open the valve.  As a result, air cylinders can be used for automatic operation. MITSUMI Iris valve can decrease total system cost because of no use of motor valve. Cloth end does not rotate. Rope tightens the cloth chute by squeezing a hopper-type chute outside with a rope.

Mitsumi Diverter Valve features the following 2 points.
(1) Moving cloth can make self-cleaning when activating.
(2) 180 degree rotating air cylinder can realize powder flowing chute without creating valve touching face.

Air classifier / Powder processing service

Turbo-Classifier TC-15NS will be demonstrated at booth #1355.
Nisshin Engineering Inc. is a AAA-rated powder-handling equipment manufacturer in Japan. AAAmachine Inc. is the U.S. marketing/technical agent. Main products include the Turbo-Classifier(a micron order air classifier), the AeroFine Classifier (a submicron order air classifier), the Super Jet Mill (jet mill), Super Rotor mechanical mill, and Dispa-Mue-R/PDSL (dry powder sprayers and dispersers).
SUGINO Corp. #1645

Wet milling & Nano dispersing device (medialess grinder)

Sugino Corp.will introduce wet milling & Nano dispersing device at this show.
It is ideal for the R&D of super fine particles and emulsions. This model is suitable for research and development in the nano-field.
Star Burst™ is a wet pulverizing and dispersion device used to reduce particle size to a nano level. This is achieved by colliding particles using ultra-high pressure within a compact chamber. 

Star Burst Mini is a wet-type micronizing device to disperse, emulsify, comminute and delaminate particles by collision into a ceramic ball using pressures of 245MPa (2.450 bar or 35.525 psi).
Star Burst Mini  is the ideal partner in the development of cutting-edge, high value materials with extremely small material preparations with maximum yield.
Osaka Gas Liquid #1645

Cryogenic grinding service
Cryogenic grinding is a technique that uses liquefied nitrogen cooled to an ultralow temperature (−196℃/-320 degree F) to freeze and grind various materials including resins and foods. By using liquefied nitrogen produced by an affiliated company in the same group, we can conduct low-cost and highly efficient grinding
Osaka Gas Liquid has 2 separate facilities for food and plastics. 
AAAmachine, Inc. #1645

Custom processing service
Custom Processing Service is available in Des Plaines, IL. 

From mm order to the submicron level, from foods, metals, rocks, slag, toners, and carbon to powder coating, and from heat-sensitive to abrasive powders, AAAmachine handles custom classification of every type of material.

AAAmachine meets all needs for manufacturing ultra-fine powders, attaining extremely narrow particle size distribution. And by utilizing a world-class classifiers, it can handle classifying various powders from mm order to submicron/nano-meter level.
 Fahrenheit / AAA Save Energy #1645

Adsorption Heat Pump (AdHP) Chiller

Chilled water from hot water

Fahrenheit  introduced Adsorption Heat Pump (AdHP) Chiller LTC30-ePlus- 35KW (10RT, 120,000 BTU/hr) COOLing capacity (901kb), utilizing 65 - 85 degree C (149-185 degree F) hot water-AQSOA(TM)inside, This can produce chilled water directly from hot water only. Electricity is used only for control & water flow.   This chiller unit uses waste heat or solar hot water and contributes to environmental sustainability through reduced CO2 emissions. Using water as the refrigerant, this next generation chiller boasts a system COP (Coefficient of Performance) of 10. (COP=10 means 30 kw Cooling capacity can be acquired from 3 kw electricity.) No Freon, no Lithium Bromide is required.
ACO #1645

Wet scrubber and Oil skimmer

Double scrubber will be demonstrated at booth#1645

ACO offers dust and oil remover for dry/wet. Wet scrubber is dust/odor remover. Double Scrubber can remove fine powder down to 1 micron.  

Oil Skimmer
 can remove oil from water. Oil skimmer MINI with solar panel can be installed without power supply. Please see the actual setup at our booth #2536

Jet Separator, a secondary air-introducing-type patented dry dust remover, is used in pneumatic line.
AAAmachine COOL JAPAN booth #1645

ball-jointed doll (BJD) "YULI"
ball-jointed doll (BJD) is a doll which is articulated with ball and socket joints. These are cast in polyurethane synthetic resin, a hard & dense plastic, and the each part is strung together with a thick elastic. They generally range in size from 4 " to 24 " height. BJDs are primarily intended for adult collectors and customizers, who can easily customize it by painting, changing the eyes and wig and clothes

BJD's best feature is that hands/elbows/shoulders, legs/knees/feet and neck can stop at any position freely.

Famous BJD artist in Japan - Shiny DOLL presents
 MATSUSHIMA Measure Tech #1645

Microwave level meter for continuous level metering in a big silo

Matsushima Measure Tech Company Ltd. offers level and flow measuring instruments covering all kinds of principles, such as 26GHz Pulse Radar Microwave Level Sensor, FMCW microwave, ultrasonic, electromechanical, vibrating, capacitance, rotary paddle, and more to cover simple storage silos up to high temp./pressure furnaces, ovens, and kilns in the metal, power plant, mining, plastics, food processing, chemical, and other industries. Various kinds of conveyor automation devices and position indicators are also available. 26GHz Pulse Radar level sensor to measure the powder/bulk/ level from 0.3 meter (1 feet) up to 70 meter (230 feet), which will fit large/tall silos
Dust switch/dust monitor is also available.
AAA Save Energy #1645

Miniature Solar Panel (ABL)

Solar panel and power bank will be demonstrated at booth#1645

ABL(Advanced Blazer Limited) introduced miniature solar panel for small equipment driven by DC motor in addition to Back-Pack solar panel. Solar panel is manufactured by Sun Power in USA and cut/assembled in Asia.

Model : ABL280145_SB3 :
Panel size: 11" x 5-23/32"
5.8W Backpack power bank
with UL approved 5000mAh Battery

 Battery Charge Current: is 1000mA under 1000Lux (Clear Sunlight). 1000mA means smart phone (iphone 6, etc.)can be fully charged within an hour.

Air classifier / Powder processing service

Elbow Jet EJ-L3 air classifier
(used for powder processing service)

MATSUBO Corp. will demonstrate  Elbow-Jet (an air classifier to produce three multiple fractions at one time) Elbow-Jet classifier is a dry processing classifier that was designed on COANDA effect. It mainly handles fine raw materials ranging from 0.5 to tens of micrometers, and can perform precise separation as well as simultaneous separation to 3 fractions (Fine/Middle/Grit). 
The Classifier has no moving parts and it is strong advantage to abrasive, sticky, or fragile feed materials. Elbow-Jet Air Classifier can be scaled up from small to larger-sized models with same classification performance. EJ-L3 laboratory service is also available.
Freund Vector #2617

(1) Possible to classify powder with very fine screen opening size. As screen pulsation prevents screen from clogging, difficult powder can be classified.
(2) Agglomerates are disintegrated by rotating blades. Soft lumps of agglomeration can be disintegrated by rotating blades during classification process.
(3) Easy dismantling and cleaning. Turbo screener is designed to meet GMP specifications.
(4) High throughput despite its compact size
 "MI-MODE" --- Machinery database system at nominal initial cost. Instead of having the own server, standardized software "MI-MODE" is used on line. Multiple language is available as standard - English, Japanese, Spanish and Korean. More language will become available soon. Ticket service (for telephone marketing/service call), parts data base, component module are also available.
The only complete Global Database for worldwide traceback and traceup recordkeeping and documentation of agricultural products with Point-to-Point Traceback™ for each individual Commodity/Entity in just seconds. You can use this software at NO initial/maintenance charge. Data usage fee is $0.55/data.
APPIE (The Association of Powder Process Industry
Engineering in Japan) #4143
APPIE is the only Japanese professional organization in the powder and particle processing industry composed of industrial corporations and academic societies. We contribute to the advancement of the powder industry and technology. APPIE hosts and organizes POWTEX TOKYO, the largest international powder technology exhibition in Asia, as well as POWTEX OSAKA.

≫≫ Powder handling equipment & technology ≬≬ for chemicals/pharmaceuticals

Exen Corporation (Air knocker/impactor-Flow aid device) booth #1645
NBC Meshtec Inc. (NAFITEC, Nylon, Polyester, Polyethylene mesh) booth#1645
Osaka Gas Liquid Corporation (Powder processing service - Cryogenic grinding) booth #1645
Sugino Corp. Corporation (Wet jet mill - Nano disperser ) booth #1645
Tsutsui Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd. (Customized instruments) booth #1645
MITSUMI Technical Industry (MITSUMI Iris Valve "CHOKE VALVE") booth#1645
Nisshin Engineering Inc. (air classifierjet mill) booth#1355
Asada Mesh (Stainless steel Wiremesh) booth#1355

Fujisaki Electric Co., Ltd.(Spray Dryer) booth #3732
Freund Vector (Turbo-Screener) booth #2617

AAAmachine, Inc. will answer questions
on the following equipment at booth #1645

ACO Co., Ltd. (Wet scrubber, Oil Skimmer & Jet Separator) booth #1645
MATSUBO Corporation (air classifierpulverizer) booth #1645
Matsushima Measure Tech Co., Ltd.(level sensor) at separate booth #1645
M-REVO (Centrifugal stirring device without blades) booth #1645M-Revo brochure(1,855kb),
Tsukasa Industry.(POWGATE Slide Gate Valve for mixer/blender discharge with no powder leak)
Takagaki Seisakusho Co., Ltd.(Butterfly valve for hopper scale to connect pneumatic line, Feeder end valve for powder sharp stop in case of precise weighing )

≫≫ Energy saving technology - Miniature solar panel, Adsorption heat pump chiller ⇐ booth #1645

AAA Save Energy LLC. ( AQSOA Adsorption heat pump chiller, Solar panel)
for utilizing waste heat or solar hot water) - Thermal driven chiller, no compressor is used. Miniature Solar Panel from ABL solar can work with Back pack and ACO Oil Skimmer.

>> Food process equipment & technology  << booth #1645
MITSUMI Technical Industry (MITSUMI Iris Valve "CHOKE VALVE") booth#1645
Osaka Gas Liquid Corporation (Powder processing service - Cryogenic grinding) booth #1645
Tsukasa Industry.(POWGATE Slide Gate Valve for mixer/blender discharge with no powder leak)
Takagaki Seisakusho Co., Ltd.(Butterfly valve for hopper scale to connect pneumatic line, Feeder end valve for powder sharp stop in case of precise weighing )
Scoring System Inc.- ScoringAg (food traceability system, 2D-barcode system)
AAAmachine Japan Inc. (marketing service in Japan and QR Design code - unique 2D barcode service for mobile/smart phone)
Beach Head Inc. (MI-MODE machinery database system, supply chain, ticket system)

>> Packaging technology  << booth #1645
Scoring System Inc.- ScoringAg (food traceability system, 2D-barcode system)
AAAmachine Japan Inc. (QR Design code - unique 2D barcode service for mobile/smart phone)
Beach Head Inc. (BI-MODE Supply chain system, machinery database, ticket system)

iPBS (Process Technology for Industry) provides a full range of processing technologies, products,equipment, systems and services conveniently located in dedicated events focused on powder and bulk solids processing, food process, chemical processing, pharmaceutical processing, and packaging solutions for the processing industries. iPBS - Powder & Bulk Solids 2014 Jointly held with 4 major exhibitions - (1) Food Process, (2) ChemProcess, (3) PharmaProcess, (4) ProcessPack --- total 5 exhibitions

You are welcome to visit our booth for free by pre-registering in the following page.
Please click the above e-coupon for saving $95 registration fee.

AAAmachine, Inc. is happy to assist this Powder Show international visitors to make an appointment at any exhibitor's booth no matter if AAAmachine is marketing that exhibitor company or not. International business matching is our corporate goal. We are more than happy to assist all international guests to find the right equipment. At the same time, all exhibitors should be able to meet and find the potential customers. All equipment which is successfully sold in the country must have the reason to be selected. If the features of equipment match the customer's needs, it should be found even from a different country. Each equipment has different features.
>>>>>>> Please let us know before the show-start which technology you would like to see at Powder & Bulk Solids - iPBS 2014. AAAmachine will contact the exhibitor to make an appointment during the show. If a visitor does not know which exhibitor is worth visiting, we are happy to recommend an appropriate exhibitor/booth. Translating service can be provided upon request

AAAmachine is technical and marketing agent of these companies in US.
If you have any questions or equipment inquiry, please call AAAmachine at 800-996-0070 or e-mail us.

Powder/Bulk handling & Green technology booth at PBS-iPBS 2016
EXEN / Moritani USA Booth (#2135)
Fujisaki Electric Booth (#2135)
Ohkawara Kakohki Booth (#2135)
Ohkawara Kakohki booth (#2135) 
Tsutsui Scientific Booth (#2135)
Nisshin Engineering booth (#2135)
AAAmachine overall booth (#2135)
AAAmachine overall booth (#2135)

Takasago Industry booth (#2435)

MITSUMI Iris Valve "CHOKE VALVE" booth (#2534)
MATUBO Elbow Jet EJ-L3

MATSUBO / M-Revo / ACO / AAA Save Energy booth (#2536)
MATUBO Elbow Jet EJ-L3
Fahrenheit / AAA Save Energy Adsorption Heat Pump (AdHP) Chiller
ACO Double Scrubber
ACO Oil Skimmer and Solar Panel
M-Revo Centrifugal Stirring Device

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