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Matsushima Level Flow Dust & Belt Control
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New Equipment is now available in USA

26GHz Pulse Radar Microwave level sensor
3 models of pulse radar microwave level sensor for liquid/solid --- Short range (0.3 - 10 m, 1 to 33 feet), Medium range (0.3 - 35 m, 1 to 116 feet), Long range ( 0.3 - 70 m, 1 to 231 feet) for tall silo.
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Speed switch - RevMonitor Automatically record the current revolution speed for any rotating part by simply pressing one button. If the speed drops 5-10% from the desired speed, "RevMonitor" sends an alarm signal.
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Wire-rope type emergency stop switch PULLSTOP
PULLSTOP with wire-breakage detection mechanism features compliance with international safety regulation EN418, ISO13850, JISB9703. Robust reliable
wire-breakage detection mechanism. Download brochure.

Compact & economical broken bag detector 

Easy mounting with light weight and compact triboelectric probe system. No difficult adjustment required.
NPN output connects directly to PLC. Download brochure

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