All About Powder Technology

AAAmachine, Inc. is now introducing you powder technology specialists.

The following international professionals are happy to answer your questions by e-mail and make a free consultation to your powder technology problems. No obligation is guaranteed. Please allow us a couple of days to get back to you as the professionals are replying from overseas.

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Particle size adjustment - pulverizing & classifier problem

Dr. Carl Ishito (AAAmachine, Inc.)

1) Specialized: Air classifier, pulverizer, jet mill, grinder
2) Hobby: Guitar
3) Motto: Accountable, assertive, accessible
4) Favorite food: Teppanyaki, ramen-noodle
5) Base country: USA

Discharge problem from hopper - Flow aid

Rocky Deishi (Exen Corp.)

1) Specialized: Flow aid, discharge problem
2) Hobby: Swimming, walking and cooking
3) Motto: Sincerity and Appreciation
4) Favorite food: Yakitori, Nimono
5) Base country: Japan


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