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NBC Meshtec (synthetic mesh & wire mesh for sieving/screen printing) * Dynamesh name is changed to NBC Meshtec Americas Inc.

Contact NBC Meshtec
c/o AAAmachine. Inc.
1291 Rand Road, Des Plaines, IL 60016
Toll free: 800-996-0070

NBC Meshtec has introduced Nafitecfor screen mesh. This technology can be applied to stainless steel wiremesh and standard Nylon screen. After applying Nafitec treatment, screen can minimize sieve clogging and can increase through-put up to 5.8 times (depending on the powder characteristics).

Although it is surface treatment to screen, it can last quite long (at least one year for wheat flour) and there is no foreign articles found in the products for food quality purpose.

Non treated Polyester

Nafitec treated
Please read the following Nafitec information (pdf 162kb).
NBC Meshtec NAFITEC explanation

3 Benefits of Using Nafitec® Sieving Mesh


* Improves sieving efficiency

* Reduces sieving time
* Simplifies maintenance
* Reduces replacement frequency
* Suitable for difficult-to-sieve particles
* Reduces contamination and improves precision

>>> Improved Efficiency

Sieving efficiency is improved by nearly 5.8x

*Test Conditions: Test sieve
・Vibration sieve Mesh (300mm Dia.) 500#S.S. (OP 26 microns)
・Test Powder: Silver (Ag) (D50:3 microns)

Difference between conventional and Nafitec screen for easily charged materials

Significant improvement for charged powder

Improvement in efficiency during vibration sieve test confirmed.

Additional improvement can be expected with centrifugal sieve process.

>>> Reduced Costs

Improved maintainability confirmed with Nafitec® sieving mesh

>>> Improved Quality

*Vibration Sieving Test

Sieving Mesh: 500#S.S. OP: 26 microns

Particle  :PTFE, D50: 0.3 microns

High sieving performance confirmed in the Nafitec® mesh

For more information, please send us your inquiry frim the guestionnaire below.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact AAAmachine. or contact us through the following questionnaire.

◆ Main industries
Sieve: Solder, Toner, Silica, Silver powder, carrier, CaCO3, Battery material, Abrasive, Aluminum flake powder, Talc, Glass beads, Alumina etc.
Filter: Automotive component, Distilling column, Oil filter, Paste filtering, etc.

◆ Technical papers of NBC Meshtec for download
Nafitec screen mesh treatment technology

40 inch width Nylon screen mesh spec.
42 inch or wider width Nylon screen mesh spec>

Stainless steel wiremesh spec.

NBC Meshtec Americas
toll free #: 800-235-5056
512 Kingsland Drive
Batavia, IL 60510 USA
Web site:
Tel: +1-630-293-5454 , Fax: +1-630-293-5647

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You can buy NBC Meshtec products (Screen mesh, limited items) through AAAmachine, Inc.
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