AAA rating - unique - ONLY ONE powder technology equipment from abroad - Japan, etc. For various industries, such as nanotech, micron order powder and bulk solids (dry/wet)
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Powder Tech. BEFORE & AFTER

You can find many of International exhibitions regarding powder/bulk/nano/energy saving technology from the following calendars in the past.
International exhibition calendar 2018  (226kb)
International exhibition calendar 2017  (204kb)
International exhibition calendar 2016  (198kb)
AAAmachine is ready to send you the 2019 calendar. If you would like to get this 2019 calendar, pleasecontact us.

Powtex Tokyo 2018 (Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan) was held on November 28-30, 2018 in Japan. AAAmachine introduced global marketing service, US powder handling equipment and InvenSor Adsorption Heat Pump (AdHP) Chiller (products in Germany) along with "Powder & Bulk Solids 2020" trade show and US magazine at booth
I-02. See details

MITSUMI Diverter Valve - self-cleaning flexible tube type

Precisely crafted metal swinger can perfectly switch the valve with no powder sticking or build-up. Self-cleaning is achieved by flexible cloth moving. Cloth can be Nylon, Polyester, PTFE, anti-static polyester, leather, coated cloth (silicone, urethane, acrylic). Multiple size is available - from 4" to 12" in diameter. Rotary actuator can automatically switch the valve in a beautiful action. Manual valve is also available.
This valve will be displayed at booth
#1645 AAAmachine-Mitsumi during iPBS show in Chicago.
Please visit AAAmachine-MITSUMI booth (#1645) to see the demonstration.

Automatic bagging machine eliminates dust in the room and decrease the unnecessary overfill in the bag at the same time. 
NLI Chicago Automatic bagging machine FG-R-8
1) Place: Milk powder manufacturing plant
2) What is installed?: 1 set of Automatic bagging machine FG-R-8
3) Before: Valve bag packaging machines were used and created dust in the room, Accuracy: 1/500 (+-1.6 ounce)
4) After: Dust in the room is gone. 50 lbs bag - Accuracy: 1/1000 (+-0.8 ounce) and 2 year payback time 
===> 50% reduction of unnecessary overfill into a bag (40-50 lbs) is achieved.
<Specifications of NIL Automatic Bagging Machine (FG-R-8)>
Machine speed: 480 bags/hr
Weight per bag: 50 lbs
Accuracy: 1/1000 (+-0.8 ounce)
Bag type: craft paper (double) + inner poly
Auger filler: Yamato auger filler (2 sets - large and small)
Operation: 22hrs/day x 240 days/year 

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US largest powder technology show starts on April 28-30, 2020
Please click the above banner for details of iPBS 2020.
Please download the application form for details.

Upcoming trade show in Januaru - February 2019
1/14-16 AHR 2019 Atlanta, GA USA
1/22-25 WOC (World of Concrete) 2019 Las Vegas, NV, USA
1/26-29 Paper World 2019 Frankfurt, GERMANY
1/27-31 AABC Europe (Advanced Automotive Battery Conference) Strasbourg, FRANCE
1/27-2/1 ICACC 43rd (International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites) Daytona Beach, FL, USA
1/30-2/1 Nano tech Japan 2019 Bigsight, Tokyo, JP
2/5-7 WestPack & Plastec West 2019 Anaheim, CA, USA
2/5-7 Advanced Design & Manufacturing Expo Anaheim, CA USA
2/12-14 ExpoSolidos 2019 Barcelona, SPAIN
2/20-23 MOBAC SHOW 2019 (26th) Makuhari, Chiba, JAPAN
2/20-23 Chemtech World Expo 2019 Mumbai, INDIA
2/24-27 2019 Smart Mining - SME Annual Conference & Expo Denver, CO, USA
2/27-3/1 FC Expo - battery 2019 BigSight, Tokyo, JP
* Exhibition in red: AAAmachine/AAA Save Energy will power exhibitors' booth. 

I would like to express my sincere condolences on many people's death in Chugoku district during/after severe flood and in Osaka north and in Kumamoto ( Japan) and in Ecuador during/after the earthquake and I feel very sorry for the currently injured/sick people with lack of utilities (electricity/gas/water).
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