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GF Corporation:
Innovative World Leaders in the Field of Spray Drying

As pioneers in atomization technology and spray drying processes, GF Corporation assists manufacturing and research centers and universities in seeing their goals realized.

From a low-volume experiment level to much larger commercial production levels, GF Corporation works with professionals to asses exact drying requirements and create customized equipment to match those specific needs.

From conception to completion GF Corporation supplies step-by-step assistance and expertise in producing incredibly fine dry powders of 5-15 microns. With a drying technology center in the United States, production can start here and be built around your vision.

Professional, Experienced, and Customized:

Let GF Corporation's innovative team and advanced equipment change your drying operation. Contact us to start customizing your spray drying equipment today!


Reduce your costs, increase your output, and create incredibly fine powder in fewer steps. Our advanced solutions and cutting-edge equipment will change how you look at spray drying.

From your scale and budget, to your exact material, we'll match equipment to your needs.

GF Corporation's Expert Spray Drying
Services and Technology

Services / TechnologySee how our spray drying equipment can accelerate your processes while lowering your costs

Our Products

Our Products Discover our full line of spray drying equipment,
for labs or production, with GMP model available

Why Choose GF Corporation
  • Partner with experts:
    Build custom equipment with our expert technicians;
    we analyze your material to create the best solutions for you
  • Save space and time:
    Streamline production and increase speed by eliminating the need for the pulverizing process and need for bulky drying racks
  • Drastically improve product yield and quality:
    We help you refine your results because our spray dried powder is 5-15 microns and incredibly uniform in size
  • Save money:
    Decrease your initial costs through a more effective system
  • Reduce energy usage:
    Decrease your running costs with more energy efficient equipment that also requires less manpower