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The following equipment is marketed & introduced by AAAmachine, Inc. All of the equipment are very unique and feature ONLY-ONE powder technology. Already many sales’ results in various industries, which means performance has been proved. Don’t miss the chance to utilize priceless equipment just because of it is from abroad. AAAmachine will be happy to assist you why you should consider this and consult how you choose the right equipment to suit your needs.

Powder Bulk CategoryList

1.Handling equipment, Machinery

2.Characteristics measurement, Laboratory equipment

Measurement device - density(true/bulk)
Measurement device - particle shape
Measurement device - particle size distribution
Measurement device - surface area
Measurement device - angle of repose
Measurement device - compressibility rate
Measurement device - hardness
Measurement device - adhesion
Measurement device - shearing
Measurement device - flowability
Measurement device - viscosity, concentration
Measurement device - mixing ratio/level
Measurement device - wet character
Measurement device - water retentivity, water penetration
Measurement device - moisture content
Measurement device - electrostatic capacity, electric resistance, conductivity
Measurement device - other
Laboratory equipment - Dryer, electric furnace, incubator, refrigerator
Laboratory equipment - agitating, stirrer, mill, vibrating
Laboratory equipment - centrifugal separator, screening/filtering
Laboratory equipment - electrooptical
Laboratory equipment - optoanalysis
Laboratory equipment - separation analysis
Laboratory equipment - heat analysis
Laboratory equipment - other

3.Accessories to Machinery

Filter, filter cloth, filter material
Screen mesh (metal, plastic)
Bridge breaker, flow aid
Valve, gate, damper
Vibrating equipment
Grinding media (steel, ceramics, plastics)
Container, container bag, vessel
Anti-abrasion resistant material/method

4.Factory automation (Measuring, Weighing)

Sensor - particle size
Sensor - dust concentration
Sensor - flow rate
Sensor - weight
Sensor - level
Sensor - pressure/position
Sensor - density (true/bulk)
Sensor - mixing ratio
Control box, controller
System - automatic weigh feeding
System - automatic recipe blending
System - computer control
System - auto sampler


Optically functioning material
Pharmaceutical, chemicals, food supplement
Other powder material

6.Other equipment/service

Plant engineering, construction, consulting
Container system
Custom toll service (measuring, processing)
Safety, security


AAAmachine is happy to reply you for the following equipment manufacturers.

ACO Co., Ltd. (Chiba, JAPAN) (Japanese web site) e-mail
Akatake Engineering Co., Ltd.
 (Shizuoka, Japan) e-mail
Alpha Co., Ltd.
 (Aichi, Japan) (Japanese web site) e-mail
AltoPack S.p.A.
 (Altopascio (LU) - ITALY) e-mail
Altenburger Maschinen Jackering GmbH
 (Hamm, GERMANY) e-mail
Asada Mesh Co., Ltd.
 (Osaka, Japan) e-mail
ETIA (Compiegne, Cedex, FRANCE) e-mail
Exen Corporation (Tokyo, JAPAN) e-mail

<Distributor in USA>
MORITANI AMERICA, INC.(300 Park Boulevard Itasca, Illinois 60143, U.S.A. e-mail
Fluid Energy Processing and Equipment Company
 (Telford, PA USA) e-mail
Fluid Engineering Co., Ltd.
 (Tokyo, JAPAN) (Japanese web site only) e-mail
Freund Turbo Corporation
 (Kanagawa, JAPAN) / MATSUBO e-mail
GF Corporation
 (former - Fujisaki Electric, Tokushima, JAPAN) e-mail
Global Technology Systems (GTS). (Shalimar, FL USA) e-mail
Great Western Manufacturing Co., Inc.
 (Leavenworth, KS USA) e-mail
/San-A-Tsusho Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, JAPAN) e-mail
Fahrenheit GmbH
 (Berlin, GERMANY) e-mail
JOKOH Co., Ltd. (Kanagawa, JAPAN) e-mail
Kanekita. Co., Ltd.
 (Osaka, JAPAN) (Japanese web site only) e-mail
Kawata MFG. Co., Ltd. (Osaka, JAPAN) e-mail
LaiDig Systems, Inc.
 (Mishawaka, IN, USA) e-mail
Marion Process Solutions (Lowe Industries)
 (Marion, IA USA) e-mail
MATSUBO Corporation (Tokyo, JAPAN) e-mail
Matsushima Measure Tech Co., Ltd.
 (Kitakyushu, JAPAN) e-mail
Mitsubishi Chemical Inc. (Tokyo, JAPAN) --- AAA Save Energy site e-mail
MITSUMI Technical Industry
 (Tokyo, JAPAN) e-mail
M-Revo Co., Ltd.
 (Tokyo, JAPAN) e-mail
NARA Machinery Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, JAPAN) e-mail
NBC Meshtec Inc.
 / NBC Meshtec Amecica Inc. (Tokyo, JAPAN / Batavia, IL USA) e-mail
Nippon Coke & Engineering Co., Ltd. Chemical Machinery Dept.
 / Union Process (Tokyo, JAPAN / Akron, OH USA) e-mail
Nippon Magnetic Dressing Co., Ltd. / San-A-Tsusho Co., Ltd.(Fukuoka, JAPAN/Tokyo, JAPAN) e-mail
Nisshin Engineering Inc.
 (Saitama, JAPAN) e-mail
Nissin Giken Co., Ltd.My Sciences Co., Ltd. (Saitama, JAPAN/Tokyo, JAPAN) e-mail
Newlong Industrial / NLI Chicago, Inc. (Tokyo,Japan / Rolling Meadows, IL USA) e-mail
NPK-Nippon Pneumatic Mfg. Co., Ltd. (Osaka, JAPAN) e-mail
Ohkawara Kakohki Co., Ltd. (Kanagawa, JAPAN) e-mail
Osaka Gas Liquid Co., Ltd. (Osaka, JAPAN) e-mail
Pacific Machinery & Engineering (Chiba, JAPAN) e-mail
Powrex Corporation
 (Hyogo, JAPAN) e-mail
Prater Industries
 (Bolingbrook, IL USA) e-mail
Ryoko Industry Ltd.
 (Nagasaki, JAPAN) (Japanese web site) e-mail
Sankyo Pio-Tech Co.,Ltd. (Kanagawa, JAPAN) e-mail
Satake Chemical Equipment Co.,Ltd. (Saitama, JAPAN) e-mail
Shin Nippon Air Technologies Co.,Ltd.
 (Tokyo, JAPAN) (Japanese web site) e-mail
Sugino Corporation.
 (Itasca, IL USA) e-mail
Takagaki Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
 (Hyogo, JAPAN) (Japanese web site) e-mail
Takara System Co., Ltd.
 (Tokyo, JAPAN) - no web site e-mail
Takasago Industry Co., Ltd.
 (Gifu, JAPAN) e-mail
TABATA Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. / San-A-Tsusho Co., Ltd.(Tokyo, JAPAN) e-mail
 (St. Louis, MO USA) e-mail
TSUKASA Industry
 (Aichi, JAPAN) e-mail
TSUTSUI Scientific Instruments (Tokyo, JAPAN) e-mail
IOS Corporation (Saitama, JAPAN) (Japanese web site) e-mail
Yoshikawa Corporation
 (Sendai, Kagoshima, JAPAN) e-mail
YouGrop Co., Ltd.
 (Osaka, JAPAN) (Japanese web site e-mail
YUTAKA Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
 (Aichi, JAPAN) e-mail

<Distributor in USA>
Nichimo International Inc.(3245 146th Place SE, Ste 220, Bellevue, WA 98007 U.S.A.)
Tel: 425-747-2008
Please directly contact US agent for the following equipment. But AAAmachine is happy to assist you any time.

Volkmann / Powder Handling Associates of Yardley (Germany / Yardley, PA) e-mail Cilas / Cilas USA (Orleans, Cedex, FRANCE / Madison, WI) e-mail Matcon Ltd. / Matcon USA (Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire, UK / Sewell, NJ) e-mail


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