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High Precision Classifier

The Satake i Classifier is a high-precision centrifugal wet classifier. Classification is performed in a centrifugal chamber with an adjustable-speed rotor. You can easily adjust rotor speed to cut at any point from several micrometers down to 0.1 microns. You read that right, 0.1 microns. The i Classifier is the best classifying system on the market for producing cutting-edge powder materials.


0.1 microns

Satake has spent many years researching fluid dynamics, and mixing impeller and control technologies. The result of that research is the i Classifier wet centrifuge: a rotor-driven hydrocyclone classifier capable of reliably separating in the submicron range.

The Satake i Classifier is well-suited to producing high value powder materials, like fine chemical powders, powders for semiconductors and other electronics, and pharmaceutical raw materials. It is also the only option of the market able to produce powders in the 0.1 micron range for advanced, new nanotechnologies and other powder-treated technologies.

How it works

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i Classifier The Satake Advantage

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Precision Cut Point Control

Highly accurate classification. The i Classifier boasts industry-leading cut sharpness close to 1.0. This gives you higher purity products, greater recovery rates, and highly monodisperse particles in a very narrow distribution range.

Superior Efficiency

Using an i Classifier for your high-value powder production you’ll see higher yields and zero waste via constant recirculation. This means you not only get faster classification than what you see with dry classifiers, you also get much higher efficiency. As an added bonus, recirculation in liquid media eliminates dust.

Wet Mixture Advantages

The i Classifier uses a liquid mixture to classifying your materials. This improves particle integrity by reducing collisions and agglomeration. You also gain the ability to deliver your final product as a wet slurry, which is advantageous in many production environments.