≫≫ international Powder & Bulk Solids - iPBS 2023

We are exhibiting at iPBS 2023!!

Please see us at booth #1637!
ACO, Asada Mesh, Kawata USA, Nisshin Engineering, Satake MultiMiX and Takasago are at the booth with their products. 

You will also see the products from our other partners at booth #1645!
You can learn about Ohkawara Kakohki and Mitsumi in details during the show. 

APPIE (The Association of Powder Process Industry and Engineering) from Japan is exhibiting next to us at #1647 too!

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the Show. 

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▶ Date:April 25(Tue)-27(Thu), 2023
▶ Place: Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, IL
▶ Booth#: 1637
* Largest powder handling equipment/technology exhibition in USA * Unique technology powdered by AAAmachine will bedisplayed at booth #1637(600sf).

  »»»» Booth 1637
ACO, Asada Mesh, Kawata USA, Nisshin Engineering, Satake Multimix, Takasago Industry
 * Powered by AAAmachine, Inc.
- ACO: Expertise in Dust collection, gas absorption, odor removal! Dust collector with no clogging! Stable air volume! ACO wet scrubber is used for various purpose, such as eliminating fine powder, metal debris, bad smells, sticky powder (ex. sugar). Demo unit DWS-2.5 (Double Scrubber) will be demonstrated at our booth.
Double Scrubber DWS-2.5F

Double Wet Scrubber

Scrubber Mechanism

Single scrubber

- Asada Mesh: the core competence of ASADA MESH exists in the manufacturing of ultrafine woven wire mesh. A mesh dedicated to supreme quality is a reflection of our dignity. 16 microns and 13 microns uniform opening wiremesh are available. 

977-13 Mesh
977-13 Mesh 2
2Points contact - details

- KAWATA USA: Kawata "Super Mixer" is regularly used by some of the world’s leading companies in producing battery compounds, cosmetics, foodstuffs, LCD glass powder, and other powder production. Both mixing and surface treatment can be achieved at the same time."Super Floater" is used for food dry powder or color paint industry utilizing vacuumed plastic bags. Easy to change the material. Super Mixer Piccolo and Super Floater SFC-50 are displayed.

SFC-50 SuperFloater

Supermixer Large
Supermixer Piccolo

- Nisshin Engineering:  From submicron to 100 microns (very wide cut point range) air classifier - TURBO-CLASSIFIER TC-15NS will be displayed at our booth. This air classifier is widely used for metal (Nickel, Copper, Silver, Solder), ceramics, mineral, pigment, plastic, food powder, etc.  If you want sharp cut, such as 100% below 1.5 microns fines, 100% above 5 microns coarse, TURBO-CLASSIFIER is the answer. 

Turbo-Classifier TC-15



- SATAKE Multimix: Wet Classifier "i-classifier" is a newly developed classifier which achieved nano size cut classification. By circulating liquid and due to unique classification rotor, below 1 micron (for example) powder is collected with maximum yield (more than 90%). As a result, oversize does not contain fine powder.  Laboratory unit will be displayed at our booth.

i classifier labo

iClassifier Labo

- Takasago Industry: We are a manufacturer of industrial kilns and furnaces. We handle from designing, development, manufacturing to maintenance by ourselves for over 60 years. Desk Top Size Kiln will be displayed at our booth.

High temp rotary kiln desktop type

Rotary Kiln

»»»» Booth 1645 AAAmachine, Inc.
is introducing;
Ohkawara Kakohki - spray dryer (rotary disc and spray nozzle)
Tsutsui instruments
(V-mixer, Hall Flow Meter, Vibratory sieve, Sonic Sifter)
- MITSUMI Leak-free Valve (compared with conventional Iris Valve)

Ohkawara Kakohki
spray dryer

Tsutsui instruments
Hall Flow Meter

Leak-free Valve

»»»» Booth 1647 APPIE
- powder technology association in Japan, APPIE is introducing Powtex Osaka 2023 and Powtex Tokyo 2024.

»»»» Booth 2248 Exen Corporation
- - Air Knocker (flow aid device) for tank/hopper and pipe

NEW! Air knocker RKV-PB (Indirect ) / RKD-PB (Direct impact)
air knocker on pipe

Pneumatic Turbine Vibrator UT series

≫≫ international Powder & Bulk Solids - iPBS 2021

*** International Powder & Bulk Solids - iPBS2021 is over.


MITSUMI Technical/ AAAmachine / AAA Save Energy booth#: 1221 (600sf, 20'*30')
KAWATA USA Inc. booth#: 1221 (600sf, 20'*30')
NBC Meshtec booth#: 1221 (600sf, 20'*30')
ACO booth#: 1221 (600sf, 20'*30')
Asada Mesh booth#: 1221 (600sf, 20'*30')
Nisshin Engineering Inc. booth#: 1221 (600sf, 20'*30')
Tsutsui Scientific Instruments booth#: 1221 (600sf, 20'*30')

APPIE (The Association of Powder Process Industry and Engineering, Japan) booth#: 2303 (100sf, 10'*10')
AAAmachine booth information

AAAmachine is assisting global powder handling equipment manufacturers from outside of USA.

NBC Meshtec #1221

NAFITEC / Screen mesh
Nafitec treated / non treated

NAFITEC screen mesh to be demonstrated at Booth# 1221
NBC Meshtec Inc. will introduce 
 for screen mesh. This technology can be applied to stainless steel wiremesh and standard Nylon screen. After applying Nafitec treatment, screen can minimize sieve clogging and can increase through-put up to 5.8 times (depending on the powder characteristics).

Although it is surface treatment to screen, it can last quite long (at least one year for wheat flour) and there is no foreign articles found in the products for food quality purpose.

ASADA Mesh #1221

Stainless steel wiremesh
Nafitec treated / non treated
16μ opening and Oblong (25/32μ)

Screen samples to be shown at Booth# 1221

ASADA Mesh. will introduce
Stainless steel wiremesh (13 and 16 microns opening and Oblong - 25/32 microns)  for screen mesh.
This technology can be utilized for screening spherical metal powder, such as Solder, Copper, Nickel alloy, Ferrite, Iron, etc., Oblong screen can minimize sieve clogging and can increase through-put (depending on the powder characteristics).

Main use is electronic (Solder paste for micro size IC and circuit board) and 3D printing

Tsutsui Scientific Instruments #1221

Customized instruments

Sonic Sifter

Tsutsui Scientific Instruments's powder flowability test unit  is certified by JIS and is widely used in various industries, such as 3-D printers and others. The company also offers  sieve shakers, sonic sifters,and bulk density measurement devices.
Powder manufacturers have been continuously using Tsutsui instruments for quality control/assurance. The company can customize instruments to meet clients' needs. 

MITSUMI Technical Industry #1221

MITSUMI Iris Valve "CHOKE VALVE" & MITSUMI Diverter Valve

CHOKE VALVE will be demonstrated at booth #1221

MITSUMI Iris Valve "CHOKE VALVE"- "half action" of normal iris valves (about 90-degree rotation), can close/open the valve. As a result, air cylinders can be used for automatic operation. MITSUMI Iris valve can decrease total system cost because of no use of motor valve. Cloth end does not rotate. Rope tightens the cloth chute by squeezing a hopper-type chute outside with a rope. Wall pass-through valve and non-sleeve Iris valve are now introduced.
Mitsumi Diverter Valve features the following 2 points.
(1) Moving cloth can make self-cleaning when activating.
(2) 180 degree rotating air cylinder can realize powder flowing chute without creating valve touching face.

Powder/Bulk handling & Green technology booth at PBS-iPBS 2021

ACO Booth (#1221) ASADA MESH Booth (#1221) Mitsumi Technical Booth (#1221)
Tsutsui Scientific booth (#1221) NBC Meshtec Booth (#1221) Nisshin Engineering booth (#1221)
Nisshin Engineering booth (#1221) KAWATA MFG booth (#1221) APPIE booth (#2303)

We look forward to seeing you again at booth# 1637 @PBS2023 on April 25-27, 2023.

Thank you for your visiting our booth and/or your interest in the following technologies. Please use the following questionnaires for further information.


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