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 Exhibitions POWDER & BULK SOLIDS 2012

*** International Powder & Bulk Solids 2012 is over ***

Thank you for joining us!!

Date: May 8 (Tue) - 10 (Thu), 2012
Place: Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont (Chicago), IL
Organizer: UBM CANON
AAAmachine booth#: 3525/3527 (600sf, 20'*30')
Matsushima Machinery Laboratory booth#: 3505 (300sf, 15'*20')

Official web site:
AAAmachine booth at PBS-PTXi 2012 (#3525/3527)

Matsushima Booth (#3505) in 2012
◆ AAAmachine booth information ◆

AAAmachine is assisting the following global powder handling equipment manufacturers in USA and from outside of USA. Booth# 3525/#3527 (all other), #3505 (Matsushima)

Metal wire mesh
ASADAMESH is a AAA-rated metal screen mesh manufacturer and supplier in Japan -new! ASADA metal wire mesh is widely used for screen printing, sieves, filters.
By enduring under severe usage conditions, the product achieved 2 ~ 3 micron nominal filtering accuracy. Dutch weave mesh can be woven up to 4,860 mesh per inch (2-3 microns nominal filtering accuracy) and it is ideal for super fine filter material.
YUTAKA Mfg./Nichimo

Counter-current (2 rotors rotating in opposite directions) mechanism achieves fine pulverizing of fibrous materials at low temperature in uniform particle size distribution. Very low operating temperature to protect Vitamin B/C or pulverize oily grain/grain containing sugar. Can replace cryogenic grinding with this counter-current pulverizer.
EXEN Corporation
air knocker
 Knocker / Impactor 100% operated by pneumatic, to solve any kinds of problems, such as bridging, rat hole, arching, and adhering in the hoppers / bins. This flow-aid device can solve the problem where the vibrators cannot be the solution, especially for fine and sticky powder in toner, ceramics, minerals, food, chemical industries.
air blaster
(1) new!No solenoid valve is required. Operation control is NOT required either. Speed control valve adjusts the activating timing. Easy!!
(2) Explosion proof type available (CE, ATEX compatible)
(3) Applicable to any hopper, cyclone, bag house
(4) Low noise
(5) Stainless steel disc is standard, which lasts long
(6) Silicone disc can be used (as an option). No powder is coming into disc during air stops, however, silicone needs to be replaced periodically.
spray dryer
(1) Using patented 4-fluid nozzle, continuous atomizing operation is possible for hours.
(2) Large atomizing capacity of particles in "single micron" size is possible.
(3) Keeps exhaust temperatures low.
(4) Sharp and narrow particles size distribution can be produced.
dust switch/monitor, level sensor
Matsushima Machinery Laboratory Company Ltd. offers level and flow measuring instruments covering all kinds of principles, such as new!26GHz Pulse Radar Microwave Level Sensor, FMCW microwave, ultrasonic, electromechanical, vibrating, capacitance, rotary paddle, and more to cover simple storage silos up to high temp./pressure furnaces, ovens, and kilns in the metal, power plant, mining, plastics, food processing, chemical, and other industries. Various kinds of conveyor automation devices and position indicators are also available. 26GHz Pulse Radar level sensor to measure the powder/bulk/ level from 0.3 meter (1 feet) up to 70 meter (230 feet), which will fit large/tall silos.
 Mitsubishi Plastics
Desiccant dryer/Adsorption Heat Pump Chiller - AQSOA

Chilled water from hot water
Mitsubishi Plastics  introducednew! AQSOA(TM) Adsorption Heat Pump Chiller- 10KW (3RT, 36,000 BTU/hr) cooling capacity (267kb), utilizing 65 - 85 degree C (149-185 degree F) hot water, can produce chilled water directly from hot water only. Electricity is used only for control & water flow.  This chiller unit uses waste heat or solar hot water and contributes to environmental sustainability through reduced CO2 emissions. Using water as the refrigerant, this next generation chiller boasts a system COP (Coefficient of Performance) of 10. (COP=10 means 10 kw cooling capacity can be acquired from 1 kw electricity.) No Freon, no Lithium Bromide is required. AQSOA(TM) Desiccant Dryer can produce dry air using low temperature (104-140 degreeF (40-60 degreeC)) regenerating heat source.
high speed mixer/blender
An energy-saving mixer, capable of stable and high precision mixing of powders, granules and fluids. The Super Floater is the world's first mixer based on new!new principles, and has accurately captured the trends of the future. The 3-dimensional motion of the mixing vessel (can), which allows both the fluidization and flotation of material, reduces the density inside the vessel, and the movements of the agitator are added under this reduced agitation resistance. These principles make highly precise batch mixing possible.

This square shut-off valve is usually installed at the end of feeder just before hopper scale. It is a metal touch valve and quickly swings side-to-side. This quickly activates as soon as the signal is sent from hopper scale. No tailing is realized. Takagaki also has a butterfly valve to be used for pneumatic conveying line. (1) Non metal touch/Non gasket, (2) NOT significant leakage, (3) Perfect for hopper bottom for pneumatic conveying 
 "BI-MODE" --- Global supply chain system at nominal initial cost. Instead of having the own server, standardized software "BI-MODE" is used on line. Multiple language is available as standard - English, Japanese, Spanish and Korean. More language will become available soon. Ticket service (for telephone marketing/service call), parts data base, component module are also available.
IT DeSign
 IT DeSign Inc. is providing 2D barcode service with special design in it - new!"DeSign QR". QR code is now used in USA as well as Data-Matrix, PDF417. "DeSign QR" is visibly original 2D barcode to be used for mobile phone service. It is best marketing tool for food traceability, corporate ID/promotion, store POP and digital signage.

 The only complete Global Database for worldwide traceback and traceup recordkeeping and documentation of agricultural products with Point-to-Point Traceback™ for each individual Commodity/Entity in just seconds. You can use this software at NO initial/maintenance charge. Data usage fee is $0.55/data.

>> Powder handling equipment & technology << for chemicals/pharmaceuticals
Asadamesh Co., Ltd. (stainless steel mesh) booth #3525/3527
Yutaka MFG/Nichimo (pulverizer for food/tea/rice) booth #3525/3527
Exen Corporation (Air knocker/impactor-Flow aid device) booth #3525/3527
Kanekita (Air blaster-Flow aid device) booth #3525/3527
Fujisaki Electric Co., Ltd.(Spray Dryer) booth #3525/3527
Matsushima Machinery Laboratory Co., Ltd.(level sensor) at separate booth #3505

AAAmachine, Inc. will answer questions
on the followong equipment at booth #3525/3527

Kawata (High speed Mixer/blender)new!Super Mixer/Super Floater
Beach Head Inc. (BI-MODE Supply chain system, machinery database, ticket system)
Nisshin Engineering Inc. (air classifier, jet mill)
ACO Co., Ltd. (dust remover & wet scrubber)
MATSUBO Corporation (air classifier, pulverizer)
Takagaki Seisakusho Co., Ltd.(Butterfly valve for hopper scale to connect pneumatic line, Feeder end valve for powder sharp stop in case of precise weighing )
Dynamesh /NBC Meshtec Inc. (Nylon, Polyester, Polyethylene mesh)

>> Energy saving technology - desiccant dryer, Adsorption heat pump chiller <<booth #3525/3527
Mitsubishi Plastics Inc. (AQSOA Desiccant dryer , new!AQSOA Adsorption heat pump chiller for utilizing waste heat or solar hot water)

>> Food process equipment & technology << booth #3525/3527
Takagaki Seisakusho Co., Ltd.(Butterfly valve for hopper scale to connect pneumatic line, Feeder end valve for powder sharp stop in case of precise weighing )
Scoring System Inc.- ScoringAg (food traceability system, 2D-barcode system)
IT DeSign Inc. (Design QR code - unique 2D barcode service for mobile/smart phone)
Beach Head Inc. (BI-MODE Supply chain system, machinery database, ticket system)

>> Packaging technology << booth #3525/3527
Scoring System Inc.- ScoringAg (food traceability system, 2D-barcode system)
IT DeSign Inc. (Design QR code - unique 2D barcode service for mobile/smart phone)
Beach Head Inc. (BI-MODE Supply chain system, machinery database, ticket system)
PTXi (Process Technology for Industry) provides a full range of processing technologies, products,equipment, systems and services conveniently located in dedicated events focused on powder and bulk solids processing, food process, chemical processing, pharmaceutical processing, and packaging solutions for the processing industries.
PTXi - Powder & Bulk Solids 2012 Jointly held with 4 major exhibitions - (1) Food Process, (2) ChemProcess, (3) PharmaProcess, (4) ProcessPack --- total 5 exhibitions 
You are welcome to visit our booth for free by pre-registering in the following page.
Please click the above e-coupon for saving $45 registration fee.

AAAmachine, Inc. is happy to assist this Powder Show international visitors to make an appointment at any exhibitor's booth no matter if AAAmachine is marketing that exhibitor company or not. International business matching is our corporate goal. We are more than happy to assist all international guests to find the right equipment. At the same time, all exhibitors should be able to meet and find the potential customers. All equipment which is successfully sold in the country must have the reason to be selected. If the features of equipment match the customer's needs, it should be found even from a different country. Each equipment has different features.
>>>>>>> Please let us know before the show-start which technology you would like to see at Powder & Bulk Solids - PTXi 2012. AAAmachine will contact the exhibitor to make an appointment during the show. If a visitor does not know which exhibitor is worth visiting, we are happy to recommend an appropriate exhibitor/booth. Translating service can be provided upon request

AAAmachine is technical and marketing agent of these companies in US.
If you have any questions or equipment inquiry, please call AAAmachine at 800-996-0070 or e-mail us.

◆ Official HOTEL information ◆
If you have not made hotel reservation yet, please do it now. You can make a very close hotel reservation from the following PTXi official site at $139-$189+13%tax+surcharge.
These discounted Hotel rates are available through the Housing Bureau - OnPeak.
Please note: these discounted rates are NOT available directly through the hotels reservations lines, and must be made online or by calling the Housing Hotline at 1-800-759-5549.
Click here for online reservation.

◆ Suburbs HOTEL information ◆
This hotel offers FREE shuttle service to AAAmachine booth visitors between Rosemont Convention Center and the hotel in addition to the pick-up at O'hare airport. (15-20 min. west from O'hare)
Jameson Suites of Arlington Heights
2111 S. Arlington Heights, Arlington Heights, Illinois 60005
Phone: 847-956-1400, Fax: 847-956-0804
AAAmachine trade show special rate: $62.99 +tax
* complimentary hot breakfast buffet
* shuttle service to/from O'hare and Rosemont convention center
* an on-site fitness center and an indoor whirlpool tub
* a separate living room with a sofa sleeper
* work area with free wireless internet access
* microwave, refrigerator, 25” television with cable TV and a premium movie channel
* iron and ironing board, coffee maker, hairdryer,
* free local calls, and alarm clock radio.

Please call AAAmachine now at 800-996-0070 for hotel reservation or e-mail us to get AAAmachine special trade show rate $62.99+tax

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