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Kawata High Speed Mixing Systems

Kawata's advanced line of high speed mixers

Speed production, increase batch uniformity, and reduce costs with the innovative Kawata fluidizing mixers. The Kawata High Speed Mixers are completely customizable mixing systems that boast an incredible range of available features and sizes. Application-specific mixing blades set our mixers apart from the competition and allow for much more advanced processes such as dispersion, pelletizing, granulation, drying, coating, surface treatment and more.

Our expert technicians can assist you every step of the way; from initial research, to system installation. We help match your needs to the most ideal system for you.

Mixing Technology

Superior Mixing:

See how we stack up against the competition. Find out if high speed mixing is the solution for you. We compare the Supermixer to other mixer types.

Mixing Samples

Industry Examples:

Learn more about the industries we support. From plastic and metal, to toner and pigment, view the materials that we've worked with.

Piccolo Mixer

Meet our "Piccolo" Mixer:

Small enough to fit on a desk top, this is our R&D Superstar. Same mixing high speed mixing capabilities in an incredibly compact package!