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Powder technology business outlook

Powder handling equipment/technology business current acknowledgment and AAAmachine's promise

Although manufacturing industries in Japan are now not so strong as highly growing periods in the past, powder technology and powder handling equipment in Japan are still superior in various fields. Recently powder is discussed down to nano size level, powder technology in Japan has been focused from all over the world. Also, there are so many excellent powder technology equipment, but unfamiliar in the other countries, in each country. It is time for excellent equipment/technology holding company to easily and successfully sell the products in the world.
Especially for Japanese equipment manufacturers, in order to sell the products to Europe/North-South America, China, India and Russia, there are following 3 major difficulties.

1) Language difference
2) Long distance
3) Time difference

AAAmachine, Inc. has been established to overcome the above difficulties. Manufacturers can directly sell their equipment from Japan or each country by utilizing AAAmachine's marketing force and infrastructure without keeping the manufacturers’ own sales engineer at the sales location.
On the other hand, introducing the foreign companies to Japan is also AAAmachine’s business. Some US or European companies may not have to enter Japanese market because they are so successful in US or Europe. As Japanese market is so-called “difficult” to get in, many of them are hesitating to sell the products in Japan. Many equipment might be wonderful with a lot of ideas. AAAmachine also assist quality-assured foreign companies to directly sell their equipment in Japan. Thus, AAAmachine will help realizing the “free” trading of AAA rating powder handling equipment in the world to overcome unseen barriers.
Powder technology is said to be "rice of industry", because rice in Japan is very basic and indispensable in life. As industries grow, powder technology market has been expanding to global size. Recently many of the powder handling equipment manufacturers start trading directly to foreign customers instead of or in addition to asking for trading companies. Internet technology has been making the barriers lower and lower and everyone can easily access the information. It is no longer a question to get the required information. It is now a problem to find the accurate and useful information from too much sources.
If you buy general industry machinery, it is easy to find a good local supplier and distributor of the required equipment. However, it is not easy to find a reliable adviser or engineer to communicate with you, as these manufacturers' professionals are overseas. I can not say that AAAmachine is capable of selling this type of technical equipment without having professionals from each manufacturer. However, AAAmachine can give you a solution to solve the problems. How?

1)By sharing the sales results/history in the past of each machine
2)By sharing the equipment features - Why do you have to buy this equipment among so many similar machines? If you do not buy this equipment, what will you lose? Why do you have to pay the cost difference (accepting the cost performance)?
3)By feeding back of customers needs to manufactures
4)By assisting direct communication with manufacturer’s engineer by e-mail/blog5)By supporting communication in US and in Japan
6)By being maintenance & test/processing service contact in US and in Japan

By providing the above service, I promise AAAmachine will continue serving you and improving the service to achieve customers' satisfaction. AAAmachine will provide equipment manufacturers with marketing infrastructure at reasonable price. Also, AAAmachine will provide equipment buyers with required information at no cost. As a result, equipment buyers can buy required/excellent powder handling equipment at global price.

[ Required characteristic as a global powder handling equipment manufacturer ]

(1)To have only-one technology, which does not necessarily seem to be No.1 technology. ------ It is not important whether you develop the technology by yourself or not. The profit of a company will depend of the quantity and quality of the only-one technology.

(2)To have full line of the products from laboratory to big production scale. ------ It is very important to have technology to meet all of the customer needs.

(3)To have and keep the global price. ------ It is recommended to keep the same international price to do fair and square business.

(4)To be fair and square in business.

(5)To react and respond to PL (product liability) claims, and follow local regulation/rules claims as best you can. ----- If a company is not covered by PL insurance for the export equipment. It is recommended to apply insurance. If this is difficult, the partner trading company should cover it.

(6)To concentrate in utilizing AAA rating equipment only for engineering. --- An engineering company must not care their own technology/equipment. If the own technology is not good, this will degrade the plant performance and thus it will make the customer unhappy. Regardless of the brand/manufacturer, best matching technology/equipment should be suggested.