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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

[ Buyer questions ]

1. Can I buy equipment from AAAmachine?

Yes, it is possible if you want. AAAmachine suggests you directly buy equipment from foreign manufactures. However, if AAAmachine needs to be involved in sales, we are happy to sell the equipment with reasonable mark-up. Please ask us.

2. Until when or how deep free consultation is expected?

First/initial consultation is free for each project. If the equipment is promising for your project, usually testing/custom processing service is scheduled. AAAmachine is happy to take care of this with reasonable consultation fee. Once equipment is selected for purchase, AAAmachine can advise you as a technical adviser for free. AAAmachine will be paid a commission by the equipment manufacturer when the PO is received.

3. How can we expect the service/maintenance and parts supply?

As the manufactures are in foreign countries, it is not easy to get the parts immediately. AAAmachine suggests you buy the minimum required emergency parts at the beginning of purchase. And AAAmachine keeps the agreed parts inventory in Chicago warehouse (with each vendors) to assist you in parts supply. All the equipment is robust and needs very low maintenance. Local products are used as much as possible. AAAmachine technical staffs are happy to communicate with vendors for you even after warranty is terminated.

4. How can I pay vendors internationally?

Wire transfer is common. If you have a local bank account, by using swift code, it is possible to wire-transfer the money to overseas.

5. Corporate check is accepted for payment to overseas?

Check is usually not accepted by foreign banks. However, if you pay for additional cost of handling charge (usually around $50-$100) for international depositing procedure, the vendor may accept your corporate check.

6. Equipment test is free?

Equipment test or custom processing service is charged. However, most of the vendors will discount selling price for the 1st trial test charge using small machine. Test can be done in Chicago for some equipment. Please ask AAAmachine for the currently available machines.

[ Vendor questions ]

1. How can I receive support from AAAmachine?

If a buyer in Japan wants to directly purchase your equipment, AAAmachine is happy to communicate with the buyer in foreign countries for you as your sales/technical representatives. For example, AAAmachine, Inc. has a partner (AAAmachine Japan Inc.) in Japan. This Japanese company will communicate with your customer. Your quotation can be conveyed to the customer with on-purchase commission basis. Installation (mechanical, electrical) in Japan is possible upon request from vendor/buyer (either way). You can sell your equipment without local sales agent in foreign countries. AAAmachine works with several partners in the world, such as in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Mainland China, France, UK, Germany, India, Brazil, etc.