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NBC Meshtec & Dynamesh (synthetic mesh & wire mesh for screen printing)

Contact NBC Meshtec / Dynamesh
c/o AAAmachine. Inc.
1291 Rand Road, Des Plaines, IL 60016
Toll free: 800-996-0070

NBC Meshtec has introduced Nafitecfor screen mesh. This technology can be applied to stainless steel wiremesh and standard Nylon screen. After applying Nafitec treatment, screen can minimize sieve clogging and can increase through-put up to 3 times (depending on the powder characteristics).

Although it is surface treatment to screen, it can last quite long (at least one year for wheat flour) and there is no foreign articles found in the products for food quality purpose.

Non treated Polyester
Nafitec treated
Please read the following Nafitec information (pdf 162kb).
NBC Meshtec NAFITEC explanation

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact AAAmachine.

   Mesh Cloth for screen-printing
Technological needs are becoming increasingly advanced and diversified. To meet these needs, Dynamesh/NBC Meshtec offers a wide selection of mesh cloths to suit applications in various fields. Nylon Screen is also available for sieving.
V V-Screen Polyarylate Monofilament Mesh for the most sophisticated Screen printing (PDP, EL, LCD, Solar Cell, Capacitor).
A AS-Screen ANTI-STATIC (Permanent) high modulus Polyester Monofilament Mesh.
L L-Screen Conjugated high modulus Polyester Monofilament Mesh.
U UX-Screen Super high modulus Polyester Monofilament Mesh.
E EX-Screen High modulus Polyester Monofilament Mesh.

V Screen specifications
Type Mesh Count Thread Diameter Thickness Mesh Opening Open Area Theoretical Ink Volume
per cm per inch µm µm µm % cm³/m²
V380 150 380 23 43 44 43 18
V330 130 330 23 43 54 49 21
V300 118 300 30 53 55 42 22
V280 110 280 30 53 61 45 24
V250 98 250 30 53 72 50 26
V220 87 220 36 64 79 47 30
V160 63 160 45 76 114 51 39
V100 39 100 70 119 184 52 62
V50 20 50 100 175 408 65 113
Note: Catalogue value will be changed for quality improvement without notice.
In addition, please ask to our company about an unknown point.
Go to V-SCREEN page
Details of V-SCREEN Specification (PDF)

 ◆ Special Features of Asada Mesh
 Ton-Cap (Oblong opening) Twilled   Supermesh

(1) Opening accuracy is less than ±10% 
(ex. 45μm opening range is from 41 to 49μm)

(2) Various Ultra fine opening mesh from 54 to16μm.

(3) More capacity - Hard Mesh(Super mesh: 230 to 360 mesh)Ultra hard and fine wire materials (about half diameter of the conventional wire --- 20/45 microns, 23/40 microns wire dia.) has made it possible to weave high opening rate mesh with high tensile strength. It increases processing capacity dramatically (50% more capacity at 54 - 80 microns opening).

Oblong (rectangular) opening mesh is available especially for metal spherical powder. Spherical powder can easily go through rectangular opening because it does not touch 2 wires.
=====> 25 x 32, 25 x 36, 25 x 40, 34 x 58, 45 x 53, 45 x 72 micron opening (Detailed spec. (1,255kb))

 Weaving technology and applications of Asada Mesh

◆ Fundamental Weaving Structure for Sieving & Filter Applications

 Plain Plain Dutch  Supermesh  Twilled 
 Twilled Dutch  Reverse Twilled Dutch  Ton-Cap  Reverse Plain Dutch
Roll-Calendared  3D-mesh  Solid mesh   Sabtin

 ◆ Main purpose
 Sieve Filter  Strainer  Processing

◆ Main industries
Sieve: Solder, Toner, Silica, Silver powder, carrier, CaCO3, Battery material, Abrasive, Aluminum flake powder, Talc, Glass beads, Alumina etc.
Filter: Automotive component, Distilling column, Oil filter, Paste filtering, etc.

◆ Technical papers of ASADA MESH for download
Technical paper 1 (uniform opening +-10%)  (544kb)
Technical paper 2 (50% increased capacity at 54 to 82 microns opening) (374kb) 

Industrial screen mesh supplier - DYNAMESH, INC. is selling ASADA Stainless Screen Mesh in USA as well as synthetic screen mesh for screen printing.

ASADA MESH is No.1 Stainless Screen manufacturer.

Dynamesh toll free #: 800-235-5056
512 Kingsland Drive
Batavia, IL 60510 USA
Web site:
Tel: +1-630-293-5454
Fax: +1-630-293-5647

ASADA stainless screen and V Screen technology are now indispensable for
all screen-printing needs
(solar panels, circuit board, etc.).
I hope you can find why at Dynamesh web site.

ASADA Stainless Screen
** Precision Woven Low Elongation Screen Printing Products **

All of Asada's standard stainless steel wire mesh is woven with a special AD grade stainless steel, giving greater tensile strength, lower elongation and a higher yield point than conventional SUS 304 or 316. Strong mesh is good but thickness consistency is even more important. To control fabric thickness wires are individually inspected and selected for both the warp and weft. Using the most advanced weaving techniques, Asada supplies the uniform thickness and thread count you need to successfully print the demanding jobs of today and the future.

To make a super screen you need the world's strongest thread.

Asada pioneered use of high strength thin threads in 1990 and introduced 290 wire mesh with .0008 thread diameter. This allowed printing 3 mil lines with 4 mil spaces. Making wire mesh with a thread about half the size of the other brands is even more impressive when you realize that today more than 10 years later no other weaver can deliver this product. Asada knew he could do even more and has introduced more amazing mesh counts. Imagine what you could do with 30% less wire interference. patterns 30 to 50 micron line width (1.5 to 2 mil) with 50 to 75 micron pitch (2 to 3 mil) are being printed in production today thanks HS screen. Ask your DYNAMESH technical representative just what HS screen can do for you. You may see similar specifications in their catalogs but only HS wire from Asada is a regular production item that you can order today.

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