Interphex NY 2022 

Interphex NY 2022 is coming soon. We hope to meet you in New York.

▶Place: Jacob Javits Convention Center, New York NY
▶Date:May 24 (Tue) - 26 (Thu), 2022
SATAKE Multimix Booth #: 3655
i-Classifier / Nano level Wet classifier system
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SATAKE exhibits and demonstrates wet classifier. This classifies  micron-order and submicron powder

Satake i-Classifier is a high-precision centrifugal wet classifier. Classification is performed in a centrifugal chamber with an adjustable-speed rotor. You can easily adjust rotor speed to cut at any point from several micrometers down to 0.1 microns. You read that right, 0.1 microns. The i-Classifier is the best classifying system on the market for producing cutting-edge powder materials.

SATAKE i-Classifier (LABO - desk top)

SATAKE i-Classifier (Production scale model)

SATAKE Multimix offers:

You get higher purity products, greater recovery rates, and highly monodisperse particles in a very narrow distribution range.

See higher yields and zero waste via constant recirculation. You get faster classification and much higher efficiency.

Reduced collisions and agglomeration. Zero dust. The ability to deliver your final product as a wet slurry.

SATAKE Multimix web page

During  Interphex NY 2022, SATAKE Multimix will introduce wet classifier technology. As a marketing company of powder handling/save energy equipment, AAAmachine will power/assist SATAKE Multimix.

Please contact by the following questionnaire or call AAAmachine at 800-996-0070 for details of all the displayed equipment and the above presentation.


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AAAmachine and AAA Save Energy are introducing the following global powder handling/save energy equipment.

Nisshin Engineering Inc. (air classifier Turbo-Classifier TC-15NS)
MATSUBO Corporation (air classifier Elbow Jet EJ-L3)
ACO Co., Ltd. (Wet Scrubber & Dust remover Jet Separator)
Asadamesh (16 micron, 12 micron opening wire mesh)
NBC Meshtec (Screen mesh, NAFITEC technology, screen printing)
Taiheiyo Machinery & Engineering (PAM Apex Mixer, Spiral Pin Mixer)
KAWATA (Supermixer, Superfloater)
Exen Corporation (Air knocker/impactor-Flow aid device)
Takagaki Seisakusho Co., Ltd. (Pneumatic conveyor powder valve)
MATSUBO Corporation (air classifier Elbow Jet EJ-L3)
Matsushima Measuretech Co., Ltd. (level sensor)
Fahrenheit (Adsorption heat pump chiller = energy-saving technology)
And more

AAAmachine is a technical and marketing agent of these companies in US. If you have any questions or equipment inquiry, please call AAA Save Energy at 800-996-0070 or e-mail us.

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