Powtex Osaka 2017 

Powtex Osaka 2017 is coming soon.

▶ Date: October 11 (Wed) -13 (Fri), 2017
▶ Place: Intex Osaka, Osaka, JAPAN
▶ Date: November 21, 2022 (Mon) - January 27 (Fri), 2023 (online)
▶ Organizer: The Association of Powder Process Industry & Engineering, JAPAN (APPIE)
AAAmachine and Powder & Bulk Solids 2018 - USA (UBM Canon) : 5-15

AAAmachine will introduce US equipment and marketing tool in USA at Powtex Osaka on Oct. 11-13, 2017.
Please do not miss this important event, Asia's biggest and up-to-date powder technology show. Please register now for free entry to meet the latest world powder technology.

❮ Powder & Bulk Solids show in USA ❯

Date: April 24-26, 2018 , Venue: Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, IL USA
For reserving the booth at Powder & Bulk Solids 2018 (PTXi-21018), please download the application form.

Powtex Tokyo 2020 report
Powtex Tokyo 2022 Show Outline

Powtex Tokyo 2022 Booth type and participation fee (General Booth)
Powtex Tokyo 2022 Booth type and participation fee (Trial Booth - First time)
Powtex Tokyo 2022 Booth type and participation fee (Special Exhibition - inexpensive)

Powtex Tokyo 2022 technical presentation
Powtex Tokyo 2022 Booth Application Form (download, pdf 385kb)

Application Dead Line: June 30, 2022

“POWTEX TOKYO 2022” is held as a hybrid exhibition (onsite exhibition + online exhibition).
At the online exhibition, user information (hereinafter, referred to as "lead information") of visitors to each company's website (by clicking) is accumulated on the exhibitor's web page. From this page, business card information can be downloaded.
Online exhibition: 21 November 2022 ‒ 27 January 2023

Applying for online exhibition alone is unavailable.
One online exhibition account (exhibitor ID) is issued for "one application form.”
*All online exhibitions are held only in Japanese. Thank you for your understanding.

AAAmachine introduced the following US powder handling equipment manufacturers in the past Powtex show in Japan. If you decide to exhibit to this show in Japan, AAAmachine is happy to assist your booth.

Informa Booth#: P-14 (international Powder & Bulk Solids 2023 show/magazine in USA)
==> Download the application form for international Powder & Bulk Solids (iPBS2020)
*Standard booth pricing rates for International Powder & Bulk Solids Conference & Exhibition start at $47.75 per square ft.
==> AAAmachine web page for iPBS2023

You can find the following equipment at Powtex Osaka 2017.


fujisakiFujisaki Electric (Japan)
Booth# 5-38

 👉  Detailed web site
 👉  Test/processing service Available at AAAmachine Chicago
 👉  contact
 👉〔catalog〕Micro Mist Spray Dryer (MMSD) brochure 

AAA features

(1) Using patented 4-fluid nozzle, continuous atomizing operation is possible for hours without the trouble of clogging, as the nozzle has a self-cleaning function and the nozzle is outside mixing type.
(2) Large atomizing capacity of particles in "single micron" size is possible. Very fine powder in single micron size is produced without using additional pulverization or classification after spray drying]
(3) Keeps exhaust temperatures low since particles get dry instantaneously. This enables a larger volume of liquid to be processed
(4) Sharp and narrow particles size distribution can be produced.


Chemical, cosmetic, metal, ceramics, feed, food, fertilizer

Particle measuring instruments

Tsutsui Scientific Instruments (Japan)
Booth# 5-55

Sonic Sifter
 👉  Detailed web site
 👉  contact
 👉〔catalog〕DOWNLOAD can be available from this web page.

< Mechanism>
1) Sifter making use of the columnar vibration method.
2) Samples are separated under the vibrating effects of air flow inside sieves without moving sieve frames. Suitable for fine particles of 5 microns to 50 microns. A set of sieves can be stacked up to 5 layers (total 6 stages). Five sets of three parameters (output, frequency and time) can be stored in the memory.

AAA features

(1) All kinds of measuring device Powder and particle characteristics
(2) Tsutsui can customize the instruments.
(3) For JIS and ASTM


Quality control at any powder processing facility


MITSUMI Technical Industry  (Japan)
Booth# 5-69

Sonic Sifter
 👉  Detailed web site
 👉  contact
 👉〔catalog〕DOWNLOAD can be available from this web page .

AAA features

1) About 90 degree motion can open/close the valve. 
2) Compact and light weight
3) Minimum powder residue having no obstacles on the valve sleeve
4) Various materials available for the body, flange and sleeve
5) Compatible with sanitary and fine chemical spec


The big advantage is "half action" compared with the normal iris valves. About 90 degree rotation can close/open the valve. As a result, air cylinder can be used for this automatic operation (open/close). 
Motor drive is generally used for conventional iris valve for 180 degree rotation, which could increase the total cost of the iris valve system. Mitsumi iris valve can decrease these peripheral cost and simplify the automatic control for powder process. 


food, pharmaceuticals, plastic, chemical, etc. 

AAAmachine will introduce the following US and European powder handling & energy saving equipment at our booth. AAAmachine Japan assists equipment manufacturers' marketing in Japan, such as trade show, magazine ad. and sales support..

UBM Canon Booth#: 5-15 (international Powder & Bulk Solids 2018 show/magazine in USA)

Adsorption Heat Pump (AdHP) Chiller (Fahrenheit, Berlin GERMANY)

 👉  Download the application form for international Powder & Bulk Solids (iPBS2018)
 👉  contact
 👉  AAAmachine web page for iPBS2016

Prater Hammer mill and Sanitary rotary valve.

Hammer mill (Prater Industries, Bolingbrook, IL USA)

pdf Brochure of Hammer Mill
pdf Brochure of Rotary Airlock
Adsorption Heat Pump (AdHP) Chiller (Fahrenheit, Berlin GERMANY)

Silo reclaimer (LAIDIG Systems, Mishawaka, IN, USA)

Gravity Tru-balance Sifter QA36/QA46 series (GREAT WESTERN Manufacturing , Leavenworth, KS USA)

Jet-O-Mizer jet mill/Therma-Jet
(Fluid Energy, Telford, PA USA)

Sanitary Ribbon/Paddle Mixer
Lowe Mixer, Marion, IA, USA)

Plastic elevator bucket
(TAPCO, Inc., St. Louis, MO, USA)

UBM Canon, LaiDig, Prater-Sterling booth powered by AAAmachine in 2010

Powder & Bulk Solids show in USA

▶ Official show web site for free entry:

AAAmachine, Inc. will introduce Powder Bulk Solids (magazine) as well as International Powder & Bulk Solids 2018 (PTXi 2016) (trade show) to attendee and exhibitors in Japan during Powtex Tokyo 2016.
"Powder & Bulk Solids - PTXi" trade show in USA will focus on powder and bulk solids processing, chemical processing, pharmaceutical processing, and packaging solutions for the processing industries.
Powder & Bulk Solids - PTXi 2018 will be Jointly held with 4 major exhibitions-(1) Powder & Bulk Solids, (2) Food Process, (3) ChemProcess, (4) PharmaProcess, (5) ProcessPack --- total 5 exhibitions

If you are interested in exhibiting this Powder & Bulk Solids in USA from outside of USA, please contact us for booth application - from $4600/100sf. AAAmachine has reserved #1645 (600 sf) island booth in the center of the main hall. Even if 100 sf space can be reserved within this island booth. Please do not miss this chance. We are happy to assist you.

(AAAmachine booth at Powder & Bulk Solids 2016)

Powder Technology Buyers' Guide 2016/2017 (published bi-annually) (published bi-annually)
APPIE (Powtex Osaka 2017 organizer) will publish Powder Technology Buyers' Guide (free magazine in Japan, 10,000 copies boos and 10,000 copies of CD) and give it to all the visitors during the Powtex Osaka 2017.

AAAmachine will introduce  SCORINGAG (All-UP/All-Down food traceability system by Scoring System), BI-MODE (Supply-chain system) / CMAP (Authoring & order entry system) and AAAmachine shop on-line i-BES (International Buy-Direct E-commerce service).

AAAmachine is marketing the above US equipment/technology/software in Japan and other foreign countries. If you have any questions or inquiry, please call AAAmachine at 800-996-0070 (USA) or e-mail us.
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