Kawata Supermixer Series

Dry Dispersion of Micron Particles?
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Kawata’s Supermixer line of industrial and laboratory mixers are the leading standard for dry dispersion mixing technology. They excel at various aggregate mixing needs, including mixing battery compounds, pharmaceuticals, food powders, and cosmetics.

Kawata mixers are smaller, faster, and more efficient than other mixers on the market. You’ll generate increased yields in a shorter amount of time.

Available in a variety of full-scale and desktop sizes. Work with Kawata engineers to customize mixers to your exact specifications. Easily swap mixing blades for different batches or applications.

Kawata SuperMixer
60 +

Years of Experience

The greater the L(Length)/D(Depth) ratio, the easier to intermix materials with greater specific density.

Two model series

Supermixers Supermixer Piccolo (SMP-2)
High-speed Industrial Fluidizing Mixers Desktop Lab Mixer

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Supermixer Series

Kawata is now selling all Supermixer models in North America.

Kawata’s high-speed Supermixer series of mixers are industry leaders for everything from testing to production applications for various industries and materials. Improved air seals maintain the purity of your product, and a unique self-heating design mixes your materials faster and more efficiently than other mixers.

But the Supermixer series’ greatest strength is its adaptability. Work with Kawata engineers to customize a Supermixer that best fits your facility and materials.

Then during use, swap blades in and out for different materials or applications, such as granulating, pelletizing, and cooling. And Kawata’s customer service is always available to help answer any questions.

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Supermixers are super useful

Unique oil seal design prevents contamination of mixing bowls and improves the purity of your final yields. Supermixers use no mechanical seals. Ideal for tungsten carbide processing and other industrial applications requiring high purity materials.

Rigid bearing design holds up to tough mixing jobs longer than the competition. The bottom-mounted blade stirs material from below.

Supermixer blade and mounting design allow for high-speed mixing. This action produces shear heating naturally. Unique tank design suppresses local heat generation, so more heat transfers to mixing material.

Swap blades easily for different materials and treatments. Kawata engineers will advise you on the most effective Supermixer series for your unique mixing needs. Then they will help customize your mixer design for your facility and materials.





Medical / Food





Leading Mixer Technology For

  • Lithium-ion battery compounds
  • Metals
  • Ceramics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Pigments
  • Glass
  • Plastics
  • High-viscosity food materials
  • and Construction materials

Processing by sample type

Kawata High Speed Fluidizing Mixers

Kawata SMG Series

SMG Series

The original general-purpose model Supermixer. You can quickly change the high/low dual pole motor system from 2 pole (3600rpm) to 4 pole (1800rpm) rotation speeds.

Suitable for large-volume production applications, including

  • ● Heat blending
  • ● PVC dry blending
  • ● Color fusing
Kawata SMB Series

SMB Series

The SMB Supermixer is a smaller, lower speed, and more economical variant of our main series Supermixer. The SMB series is specially designed for blending powders, granules and colored pellets and for pharmaceutical applications.

Kawata SMV Series (10B/20B)

SMV Series (10B/20B)

The SMV 10B/20B Supermixers is a smaller-scale model designed to test mix a broad range of materials at smaller volumes than full production runs. 10B/20B series mixers feature an adjustable inverter control to help achieve optimum blade speed.

Kawata SMV Series (200)

SMV Series (200)

The SMV 200 Supermixer is specially-designed for pharmaceutical mixing and processing. As with our SMV 10B/20B series, it features an adjustable inverter control to achieve optimum blade speed.

Kawata SMC Series

SMC Series

The SMC Supermixer Cooler is purpose-built for high-speed material cooling. It is designed to work in conjunction with an SMG Supermixer unit.

Kawata SMNC Series

SMNC Series

The SMNC Supermixer is an all-in-one mixing and cooling unit.

Kawata SMP-2 (Piccolo)

SMP-2 (Piccolo)

The all-new Supermixer Piccolo is a compact, high-speed desktop dispersion mixer. It is easy to use and designed for processing small batches. A removable mixing tank makes for easy cleaning. The Supermixer Piccolo is ideal for laboratory use and running test mixes.

SuperMixer Blades

Innovative removable blades set Kawata Supermixers apart from conventional mixers

Upper Mixing Blades

Kawata Supermixers Upper Mixing Blades

Lower Mixing Blades

Kawata Supermixers Lower Mixing Blades

Blades for Cooling

Kawata Supermixers Blades for Cooling

SuperMixer Specifications

Kawata Supermixers Specifications
Kawata Supermixers Specifications
Kawata Supermixers Specifications
Kawata Supermixers Specifications
Kawata Supermixers Specifications
Kawata Supermixers Specifications

The SuperMixer Piccolo

Kawata Supermixer Piccolo SMP-2


The Compact Mixer

The Supermixer Piccolo is a speed mixer that features the innovative qualities that define all of Kawata’s expertly engineered mixers, but in a compact size that will actually fit on top of a desk.

Removable mixing tanks, interchangeable blades, easy operation, and superior engineering; the Supermixer Piccolo has everything you’ve come to expect from the Kawata Supermixers.

Advanced Capabilities
  • ■ Mixes batches quickly and uniformly
  • ■ Features removable mixing tank for easy cleaning
  • ■ Supports a multitude of applications (powder, pellets, and some liquids)
Cutting-Edge Design
  • ■ Compact and lightweight; small enough for desk top use
  • ■ Energy efficient; AC100 volts
  • ■ Easily operated

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Kawata Supermixer Piccolo SMP-2 Specifications
Super Mixer Piccolo Specifications
Model SMP-2
Tank Capacity 1.8L
Charged Volume MAX 1.0L (500g)
Jacket Open bath type 1.2L
Power Supply AC100V single phase
Motor 0.2kW
Allowable Speed Range 300~3000rpm (Inverter)
Control Panel All-in-one type
Weight 14kg
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Kawata Supermixer Piccolo SMP-2 Blades
Supermixer Piccolo Blades

Like all Kawata mixers, the defining feature of the Supermixer Piccolo is its high-quality mixing blades.

Dispersing, damping, milling, granulating and drying of materials is made easy through the use of Kawata’s expertly crafted blades. Standard blades come with the mixer and a variety of additional blades are also available.

With a wide range of blades to choose from your options are virtually limitless, even with this smaller mixer.