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Kawata Mixers
Are your mixers inefficient?

Kawata’s broad range of customizable mixer systems work in any environment you have.

Kawata Mixers
Is testing small batches on your production mixers too costly?

Use one of Kawata’s benchtop mixers for your test runs

Kawata Mixers
Is regular cleaning slowing your production?

Kawata’s unique mixer designs and sanitation options allow you to cut or even eliminate cleaning between batches

Kawata Mixers
Is maintaining multiple mixers and supplemental systems eating into your budget?

Easily swap blades on Kawata mixers for different applications, and do away with supplemental heating thanks to a self-heating blade design

The Kawata lineup:

Kawata Superfloater SFC-50
1. Superfloater
1. The Superfloater

The Superfloater is a mixer with 100% yield.

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Kawata Supermixer Series
2. Supermixer
2. The Supermixer

The Supermixer is a machinery specifically made for dry dispersion of micron particles.

  • a. Supermixer per size
  • b. Supermixer Piccolo (for laboratory use)
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Kawata Nanopersion HEPD Series
3. Nanopersion
3. The Nanopersion

The Nanopersion is specifically designed for dry dispersion of nanoparticles

  • a. Nanopersion HDPE-100L / 300L series
  • b. Nanopersion Piccolo = HDPE2 for laboratory use
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Kawata offers a broad range of mixers across its three product lines—Supermixers, Superfloaters, and the new Nanopersion Mixers. Get industry-leading mixing technology in whichever model you choose.

Whether you’re looking for test mixing, production mixing, the fastest, the most efficient, or mixing for the finest particle sizes, Kawata has a mixer for you.

Think all industrial mixers are the same?
Let Kawata change your mind

Since its founding in 1935, Kawata has developed a wide range of industrial technologies. Today, it is best known for its industry-leading mixers for manufacturing and laboratory use. Namely, Kawata’s lines of Supermixers, Superfloaters, and Nanopersion mixers.

Kawata mixers are regularly used by some of the world’s leading companies in producing battery compounds, cosmetics, foodstuffs, LCD glass powder, and other powder production.

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Kawata Mixers Applications


Kawata has spent decades as a leader in industrial mixing technology. Kawata mixers are commonly used to produce battery compounds, cosmetics, foodstuffs, and LCD glass powder, among other major manufacturing materials.

Kawata mixers are available in a variety of designs, including both full-scale production models and benchtop testing models. Many specialized mixers are also available, including our Superfloater agitating and vibrating mixers and Nanopersion mixers, which are capable of mixing nanoparticle materials.

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Kawata mixers employ bottom and top-mounted blades capable of mixing faster than other types of industrial mixers. Swappable blades make it easier to process different materials back to back in less time.


Both the Supermixer and Nanopersion series mixers include a benchtop Piccolo model. Piccolo mixers offer compact, high-speed dispersion mixing on par with their full-sized production counterparts.


Kawata mixers are designed for easy cleaning. Wide tanks and removable blades make Supermixers easy to clean between batches. Superfloater mixers use a sanitary plastic tank liner to contain mixing materials. Materials never come in contact with the Superfloater tank wall.


Kawata engineers will advise you on the most effective mixer models for your production and testing needs. Then they will help customize your mixer design for your facility and materials. Also, swap blades easily for different materials and treatments.