kawata Superfloater high speed mixer

Super Floater 3D Motion

kawata Superfloater

The Superfloater has all the cutting edge features of the Kawata High Speed Supermixers, plus vibrating and agitating features.

The Kawata Supermixers are stationary, whereas the Superfloater actually has both a vibration feature and an agitation feature. These serve to drastically increase speed while delivering the high quality product you’d expect from a Kawata mixer. Not only will production speeds increase while maintaining or improving quality, you’ll also see a reduction in running costs.

  • Increase Energy Savings by up to 70%
  • Mix a wide variety of materials without the need for additional equipment for each material
  • Process different materials without the need for cleanup between materials through the use of the plastic mixing bag
  • Customize your system with the wide range of mixing containers available

Kawata’s Superfloater uses 3-D movement to improve productivity while saving energy and time. Great for dispersion and wetting of fillers, stabilizers, lubricants, and pigments.


Superfloater Features:

Super Floater

The Kawata Superfloater Vibrating Tank

The Superfloater’s tank vibrates to keep materials inside active and mobile. With other industrial mixing machines material can stick to the wall creating a less thorough mix, but with the vibrating feature of the Superfloater’s tank, particles break away from the walls and enter the flow of materials for superior dispersion.

The Kawata Superfloater Agitator System

While the vibration feature of Kawata’s Superfloater works to break particles free from the sides of the tank, the Agitator rotates to further enhance the mixing process. This combination of actions both increases production times and product quality, while saving time and energy costs.

Removable Liner System

The Kawata Superfloater uses ingenious features to simplify production and increase versatility. Each Superfloater comes with plastic bags that line the tank and allow for easy removal and maintenance. With the plastic bag protecting the tank walls you’re able to quickly switch between materials without the concern of contamination. The walls of your tank stay new and your clean up is drastically reduced.

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Superfloater Advantages

Super Floater Features

Superfloater Applications

Common Applications for the Superfloater
Chemicals Mixing and Granulation of powders and fluids for chemicals and pharmaceuticals
(fine granules for tablet and capsule making)
Foodstuffs Mixing and coloring of additives, instant soups, fats and oils, powdered drinks
Cosmetics Uniform mixing of powders as well as fats and oils
Plastics Dispersion and wetting of fillers, stabilizers, lubricants, and pigments
Other Mixing of high density hydrophobicity, ceramic, alumina, carbon, semiconductors, catalysts, glass, toner, etc.


Test Data & Details

Superfloater Dimensions

Super Floater Dimensions

Superfloater Test Data

Super Floater Test Data

Superfloater Specifications
Model SFC-50
Bottom Agitator 3 Phase, 200V 0.4kW, Inverter Type
Top Agitator 3 Phase, 200V 1.5kW, Inverter Type
Vacuum Pump 3 Phase, 200V 1.3/1.9kW (50/60Hz)
Mixing Vessel (Can) Selection 10, 20, 50 Standard
Material of Can SUS304
Power Supply 3 Phase, 3.2/3.8kW, 30AT (50/60Hz)
Air Capacity 60L/min (ANR), 0.69MPa
Machine Weight Body: 400kg, Vacuum Pump: 45kg
Installation Space 1 square m