Kawata Superfloater Series: Mixer with 100% Yield

Kawata Superfloater mixers use vibration and agitation mechanisms to improve even further on Kawata’s Supermixer technology. See energy savings up to 70 percent over your current mixer. Superfloater mixers excel at mixing and wetting fillers, stabilizers, lubricants, and pigments.

Kawata mixers are smaller, faster, and more efficient than other mixers on the market. Superfloater mixers can process challenging materials without requiring additional mixing or processing equipment.

Do away with mixing bowl cleaning thanks to the Superfloater’s sanitary mixing bag system. Work with Kawata engineers to customize mixers to your exact specifications.


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The Superfloater is the world’s first mixer based on thinking outside the box, but inside the mixer. It may sound simple, but we're the world's first! The three-dimensional motion of the mixing vessel (can), which allows both the fluidization and flotation of material, reduces the density inside the vessel, and the movements of the agitator are then added under this reduced agitation resistance. This new paradigm makes highly precise batch mixing possible.

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Kawata Superfloater

SuperFloater Series

Kawata is now selling Superfloater mixers in North America.

The Kawata Superfloater combines powerful industrial technologies. It is fast, efficient, and produces high-purity materials with 100% yield. The shape of the mixing tank combined with vibration and agitation systems makes highly-precise batch mixing possible. The Superfloater is an ideal mixing system for R&D, mixing exams, and high-value small-batch production.

A vibration unit is mounted to the bottom of the Superfloater’s mixing tank, which vibrates at high speed to prevent material from adhering to the tank wall. Meanwhile, an agitator unit uniformly mixes material in the tank. Together, these systems improve material dispersion and provide superior mix yield.

Superfloater mixing tanks have a replaceable sanitary liner that prevents mixing materials from ever coming in contact with the mixing tank. And since the material is completely enclosed in the plastic bag, you can easily transport it to and from the Superfloater unit.

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Superfloater superpowers

Eliminate time-consuming cleaning when you swap material mixes. Vibration and agitation mixing inside a sanitary plastic liner prevent tank abrasion.

Vibration plus agitation mixing is 70% more energy-efficient than traditional blade mixing.

Fewer moving parts and a plastic sanitary tank liner mean significantly less cleaning between runs.

Ideal for facilities with multiple mixing needs. Superfloater mixers are equally effective at mixing granules, powders, or liquids.

Three sizes of mixing vessels (10, 20, and 50L) are available with each Superfloater unit. No more buying multiple mixers for different batch sizes.










Superior Mixing Results For

  • Masterbatch and pigment production
  • Chemical powders and liquids
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Foodstuff mixing and coloring
  • Uniform mixing of powders and oils for cosmetics
  • Plastic dispersion and wetting
  • Mixing of high-density hydrophobic materials, ceramics, alumina, carbon, semiconductor materials, catalysts, glass, toner, etc.

Test Data & Details

Superfloater Dimensions

Superfloater Test Data

Superfloater Specifications

SuperFloater Specifications
Model SFC-50
Bottom Agitator 3 Phase, 200V 0.4kW, Inverter Type
Top Agitator 3 Phase, 200V 1.5kW, Inverter Type
Vacuum Pump 3 Phase, 200V 1.3/1.9kW (50/60Hz)
Mixing Vessel (Can) Selection 10, 20, 50 Standard
Tank Material SUS304 Japanese Standard Stainless Steel
Power Supply 3 Phase, 3.2/3.8kW, 30AT (50/60Hz)
Air Capacity 60L/min (ANR), 0.69MPa
Machine Weight Body: 400kg, Vacuum Pump: 45kg
Installation Space 1 meter x 1 meter