Kawata Superfloater
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Years of Experience

Our Mission Statement

We seek to make meaningful contributions to your customers’ industries. We provide customized and expertly engineered mixing solutions. Kawata’s latest lines of mixers are the product of years of development and collaboration with our customers.

A History of Excellence

Since its founding in 1935 in Japan, Kawata has been a leading developer of many industrial production and testing systems. Kawata played a notable role in developing many automotive, consumer electronics, and plastic recycling systems.

Over the last few decades, Kawata has become the industry leader in mixing technology. Kawata has focused its development efforts on mixing systems that produce fast and uniform results. It has pushed this goal even further with its latest line of Nanopersion mixers, capable of efficient, high-yield production of nanoparticle powders.

Kawata Nanopersion HEPD-100



The Kawata Advantage

Kawata commits to quality. We design high-speed mixers that truly expand our customers’ capabilities. Whether through faster production runs, easier cleaning and batch switching, or unparalleled ultrafine powder mixing, Kawata aims to make it easier for its customers to meet their production goals.

Kawata offers customers more than just a product. Working with Kawata gives you access to a full team of industrial mixing experts who can help you design and configure a mixing system for your specific needs. Once Kawata engineers assess your company’s production goals and test your materials, we choose the mixer and agitation blades that will deliver the best results.