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2021.10.12 [No.29]
Satake Wet Classifier


【Company A】 Significant Increase in Production Efficiency

●Amid the rapid increase in demand for their main products, the classification process was a bottleneck in aiming to increase production. Thus the new classification technologies were being sought.
●The raw material of the product was single-micron-size monodisperse particle. The small amount of fine powder and coarse powder in the material were removed by classification. The existing process was carried out in a gravity settling tank.

[Productivity improvement by introducing iClassifier]
●In the existing process, it took 3 days (3d × 8hrs = 24hrs) to classify 1.5 kg of particles per batch; however,
● With the introduction of the iClassifier, the process was shortened to "6 hours". (75% reduction)

【Company B】 Make the impossible possible (Key for homogenization of material form)

●For the main products, they were required to further reduce the mix rate of coarse particles by the customer.
●In the manufacturing process of the product, the raw material goes through the dry classification to remove coarse particle, but at a very small rate, coarse particles were still tampered.
●They tried to consider removal with various dry classifiers, but could not meet the required quality.

[Realization of high-precision coarse grain removal by introducing iClassifier]
●The introduction of iClassifier and wet-classification has made it possible to remove trace amounts of coarse particles that could not be removed by existing equipment.
●The processing speed is relatively lower than that of dry equipment, thus Satake is continuing to consider equipment scale-up.


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