PRODUCT OVERVIEW Advanced Centrifugal Wet Classifier

0.1 micron precision

The Satake i Classifier is the only classification system on the market capable of reliably separating powder materials at 0.1 microns. Its unique adjustable rotor-driven centrifuge allows a higher degree of control over powder classification than any other system on the market.

Lineup i Classifier Models

Satake is now selling next generation i Classifier systems in North America.

Labo model

Laboratory Model

For small batch testing and research
Processing Volume: Up to 1.3 gallons per hour

Standard model

Production Model

For production and testing
Processing Volume: Up to 26.5 gallons per hour

Advanced Model2

Advanced Model

For high volume production
Processing Volume: 130-265 gallons per hour

The i Classifier Production Model is sold either stand-alone or packaged with all necessary peripherals, including pump, holding tank, and instrumentation.

i Classifier i Classifier Advantages

Industry leading performance

Precision Cut Point Control

You get higher purity products, greater recovery rates, and highly monodisperse particles in a very narrow distribution range.

Superior Efficiency

See higher yields and zero waste via constant recirculation. You get faster classification and much higher efficiency.

Wet Mixture Advantages

Reduced collisions and agglomeration. Zero dust. The ability to deliver your final product as a wet slurry.

Exsample Classifying Premium Materials






Powder Treatments

Next Generation Activated Particles

STATS TABLE i Classifier Production Model Specifications

Machine Specifications

Main unit dimensions 23.6”×35.4”×63”
Weight 440lb (plus peripherals)
Rotational speed 2000–7000RPM (adjustable)
Peripheral speed 32.8–98.4 feet/sec
Throughput 5.3 gal/hr (maximum)
Classification chamber capacity 0.105 gal
Wetted part material Shaft seal part Rotor SUS304,316L/zirconia
Vessel SUS304,316L/zirconia
O-ring FFKM
Others SUS304,316L
Seal liquid Double mechanical seal

Utility Specifications

Power supply AC 200V, 3-phase, 50/60Hz
Power 2200 W (main unit only)
Compressed air or nitrogen 116 psi (for sealing liquid pressurization)
Cooling water 14.5–29 psi 0.5–0.8 gal/min