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Takasago Industries

Contact Takasago Industries
c/o AAAmachine. Inc.
1291 Rand Road, Des Plaines, IL 60016
Tel: 847-481-8264, Fax: 847-376-3530
  Takasago Industries
Takasago - Thermochemical reaction transforms powder into advanced materials that are often required for lithium-ion batteries and motors used in EVs. Many materials need to be heated at a specific temperature and atmosphere to gain their unique properties. For more than 60 years, Takasago Industry Company Ltd. has pursued manufacturing optimum kilns for customers around the world.

 ◆ Main Products of Takasago = Rotary Kiln

"We jointly develop optimum equipment tailor-made to meet customer needs to calcinate, sinter, carbonize, dry, or chemically react."

Rotary Kiln
We receive orders for heat treatment facilities from various industries including old ceramics such as pottery and tiles, recycling of slag produced in manufacturing steel and paper, fine ceramics such as ferrite magnets, and next-generation materials such as materials for cathodes / anodes of secondary batteries used for hybrid automobiles and mobile phones.

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Applicable temperature zone of Takasago Rotary Kiln

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