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Stronger and cleaner than metal valves.

Learn the secret or our rope-closing iris valves and see the difference.


Why Mitsumi Iris Valves (Choke Valves) are Different

  • You might think all iris valves are pretty much the same.
  • You also may think iris valves can’t handle ceramics and metal powders.
  • You also might think you NEED a metal valve (even though they flake and wear down easily and aren't ideal) for power and heavy flows.

We’re here to change your mind and get you as excited about these innovative valves as we, their inventors, are about them.

Not the valves you know

Traditional valves have some limitations:

  • They’re hard to remove / replace
  • Particles stick to the interior causing cross-contamination
  • Still using butterfly valves for your powders and bulk solids? You shouldn't. They're for liquids and gas and powder; bulk solids get trapped in the valve mechanism when it closes. This will NEVER happen with a Mitsumi iris valve
  • Valves like butterfly valves flake metal particles into output powders creating purity issues
  • Regular iris valves can’t shut tightly enough to handle metal and other heavy powders
  • Extended manual use requires repeated 180 degree motion to open and close causing strain on the operator

Mitsumi Iris Valves solve ALL those issues with their sanitary rope-closing iris valves.

From fine powders to heavy particle output like ceramics and metal, Mitsumi iris valves with their unique rope closing design can handle jobs you’d never believe a fabric choke valve could.

Mitsumi Choke(Iris) Valve Facts:

Mitsumi Iris Valve

Mitsumi Iris Valves are designed for medium duty and regular operation in bulk solids processing. They can be used both in-line for flow control and for discharge functions. They are suitable for processing a wide range of bulk solids, from heavy particles to fine powders. Including sanitary applications.

Mitsumi Iris Valve

Mitsumi Iris Valves are the result of precision engineering. Flexible sleeving, high-strength ropes, and durable metal casings come together to provide superior control over a wide range of bulk solids processing. The flexible sleeve is the only material that comes in contact with your product in-line so there’s no worry about metal flakes contaminating your output.

Mitsumi Iris Valve

The sleeve is set in a flange on the valve casing with choke ropes running in parallel between the two rings of the casing.

Mitsumi Iris Valve

Turning the handle just 90° rotates all ropes simultaneously so they close the sleeve and form a complete seal.

Mitsumi Iris Valve

Different models offer unrestricted flow control, step set partial flow control, or automated control.

Key Features


Suitable for sanitary operations, your product only comes in contact with the interior of the sleeve


Valve can be completely sealed with just a quarter turn of the handle (A 90 degree action rather than the traditional 180)

Under 2 minutes

Sleeve is quickly & easily replaced, helps maintain up-time. No waste of money, product, or time.

Exactly what you need, exactly how you want it

Highly customizable design

General Specifications

A, AH, SS = Aluminum, Aluminum Hardened, Stainless Steel.

A Model
Iris Valve
AH Model
Iris Valve
SS Model
Iris Valve
Casing Aluminum alloy (AC7A) with surface hardening Aluminum alloy (AC7A) with PTFE hardening Stainless Steel (SUS304)
Bore Size 3.5” (80A) – 25” (600A) 3.5” (80A) – 12.5” (300A)
Choke Ring Aluminum alloy (AC7A) with surface hardening or Chrome-plated iron (SS41) Aluminum alloy (AC7A) with PTFE hardening Chrome-plated stainless steel (SUS304)
Choke Rope Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber
Handle (Manual) Aluminum alloy (A6063(JIS)) with surface hardening Aluminum alloy (A6063(JIS)) with PTFE hardening Chrome-plated stainless steel (SUS304)
Arm (Automatic) Iron (SS400(JIS)) with chrome plating Stainless steel (SUS304) plus chrome plating
Actuator (Automatic) Pneumatic with solenoid valve
Opener Stainless steel (SUS304)
Sleeve Cloth: PTFE, cotton, silk Synthetics: nylon, polyester, polyethylene, rubbers, PVC, Hypalon, Viton, etc. Other: natural rubber, aluminum leaf laminated sheets, etc.

Sleeve Treatments

A variety of sleeve treatments are available to match your sanitary or performance needs.
  • Anti-static polyester with external silicone coating
  • Nylon cloth with external silicone coating
  • Nylon cloth with external urethane coating
  • Nylon cloth with external Acrylic coating

Automatic Models

Pneumatic powered and rotary motor-powered models are available for automated control.

Mitsumi Iris Valve
Air Cylinder Type (Standard)
Mitsumi Iris Valve
Rotary Actuator Type

Special Models

Mitsumi Iris Valve
Quick Release

Quick connects and disconnects, especially useful on shipping containers.

Mitsumi Iris Valve
Light Weight

Polypropylene casing, suitable for corrosive or solvent solids handling.

Mitsumi Iris Valve
Thin-type Iris Valve for FIBCs

Specially designed to connect with FIBC (Big Bag) containers for discharge and flow control.

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