Small Capacity V Mixer: Effective, gentle, dry powder blending

Mini V Mixer (Ultra-micro V shaped powder mixer) by Tsutsui

Mini V Mixer (Ultra-micro V shaped powder mixer)

Small batch powder mixing issues? Our Mini V Powder Mixer can solve them for you.

Your problem: You need to effectively mix small batches of powder, but the capacity of a standard giant industrial mixer is not the right size at all: it is overwhelming and not conducive for effective mixing. A standard mixer's blades are also too rough on the powder, plus they are difficult and cumbersome to clean. Their opaque vessel gives you no clue about how the blending is going and there is nothing to observe. Perhaps you have even tried a small mixer or blender, but the mixing is sloppy and produces heterogeneous mixtures. Your diverse powders are not blended well and are clumped together.

The Tsutsui solution: Our uniquely sized Small Capacity V Mixer is perfect for blending small amounts of diverse powders into homogeneous, uniform mixtures. The innovative V shape constantly separates and reintegrates powder for gentle, effective, and quick blending. The mixer's canister is hard glass and is easy to see through and easy to clean. No blades means gentle treatment of the powder, and a super easy clean up.

Unique features and effective results

Exactingly designed for small batch dry powder blending. Effectively blends dry powder that is fine or coarse, heavy or light, and with a high or low bulk density. Our Mini V Mixer's (Ultra-micro V shaped powder mixer's) unique compact size is perfect for small quantities of powder. Compared to high speed mixers, our mixer is much more gentle on delicate powders but still produces optimal poweder mixing results.

The v-shaped canister is made of two columns welded together. The continuous motion of the canister rotating around divides and gathers the particles over and over as they free fall inside. The friction between the particles and the glass sides of the canister creates homogeneous mixes, gently. Not only is this shape of canister also easy to clean, it does not trap any particles in hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. It's easy to empty after blending, so no powder is left over and wasted.

The hard glass mixing canister can easily be swapped out for different sized mixing canisters; We offer a variety of sizes to best suit your particular volume of powder and mixing needs.

Product Specs


  • Width: 200 mm
  • Diameter: 118 mm
  • Height: 100 mm


  • 100 V 10 VA

Canister material

  • Hard glass

Available canister sizes

  • 1 ml
  • 2­3 ml
  • 7­9 ml
  • 20 ml

Download a PDF with Specs here

Applications & Uses

The Tsutsui small capacity V mixer has a large variety of industry applications. Whether you need to mix sample-sized quantities for R&D to test before scaling up to industrial-sized quantities or are manufacturing powder mixtures on a small scale, the small capacity V mixer is perfect for you. The mixer is used in a variety of industries including:

  • Automotive Industry
  • Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic
  • Food Production Industry
  • Metal Related Industries
  • Academic and Laboratory Settings
  • and Many More

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