Tsutsui scientific instruments are designed with your specific manufacturing, industrial, and laboratory needs in mind.

Whether you need an instrument to measure general powder characteristics or one specially designed to accomplish a specific powder analytic goal unique to your company, factory, or institution, we have a highly calibrated reliable instrument that is right for you. We specialize in instruments adapted for individualized purposes such as mini versions of popular products and instruments for very specific types of powder.

Main Product Categories

Sonic Sifters

Programmable Sonic Sifter SW-20AT

Let us solve your sifting issues with our Programmable Sonic Sifter specifically engineered for fine particles.

  • Quality Japanese Engineering
  • Hassle-free fine particle sifting
  • Intuitive convenience
  • Lightweight design
Programmable Sonic Sifter SW-20AT Specs →
Programmable Sonic Sifter SW-20AT


More Sonic Sifters, Sieve Shakers, & Sieve related products

sonic sifter sieve
Test Sieve (For Programmable Sonic Sifter SW-20AT)

200mm diameter test sieves have nylon mesh screens and polycarbonate frames that are electrostatic charge free and melt proof. Fine mesh screens have openings that range from 5 microns to 4 mm, perfect for easy sifting of fine powder.

For use with our Programmable Sonic Sifter (SW-20AT) →

Sieves fit snugly inside the sifter's rubber rings and silicon gaskets, creating a secure seal that prevents leaks. Sieves are 45 mm deep.

Mini Sonic Sifter with Memory SWM-2AT
Mini Sonic Sifter with Memory SWM-2AT

Mini version of our Sonic Sifter with Memory, which has the same specs: the sonic generator vibrates the column of sieves, effectively sifting and sorting powder. Columnar vibration sifts the powder while keeping the sieves stationary, eliminating the wear and tear and risk of overheating present in mechanical sifters. Handy time­saving memory saves up to five output, frequency, and time presets, ensuring consistent results. Specially designed for fine powder.

Mini Test Sieve SMS-75 (For Mini Sonic Sifter with Memory SWM-2AT)

Use with our Mini Sonic Sifter to effortlessly sift fine powder. Comes in your choice of stainless steel or chrome plated frame.

Benchtop Sieve Shaker VSS-200S

Using an efficient combination of vibration and gyration, the Benchtop Sieve Shaker sifts and sorts particles of different sizes through its 200 mm diameter sieves. Includes a clear digital timer and a vibration control to customize acceleration magnitude. A wet sieving adapter for wet samples and sieves for continuous separation with the inlet and outlet ports are also available.

Benchtop Sieve Shaker VSS-200S

Large Sample Sieve Shaker VSS-300S

Our Large Sample Sieve Shaker effectively sifts large volumes of samples through its 300mm diameter sieves.

Ultrasonic Sieve Cleaner AU-80C

Our Ultrasonic Sieve cleaner sends high frequency waves through water, effectively washing particles off of test sieves up to 200 mm in diameter. It is conveniently compact at just over a foot wide (350 mm wide, 250 mm across, 155 mm high).

Also available is the AU-10C Ultrasonic Washer for use with sieves up to 75 mm. Contact us for details.

Contact us for a quote on a Sonic Sifter, or to help you find the exact sifting solution that you need to better run your business, factory, or lab.

Powder analysis instruments & machines

Hall Flowmeter (ASTM B213, JIS-Z2502)

The Tsutsui Hall Flow Meter is the answer for simple, precise powder measurement.

  • Solves your powder flow measuring problems
  • Straightforward, easy to use
  • Uncomplicated design
  • ASTM and ISO standards
Tsutsui Hall Flowmeter →
Hall Flowmeter


More Powder analysis instruments & machines

We have powder analysis instruments specificially designed for analyzing the flow rates of metal powders, ceramic powder, synthetic detergent, pigment powders, activated charcoal, artificial grinding materials, ethylene resin and a variety of pharmalogical powders as well. Contact us about devices for specific powder analysis if you don't see a suitable instrument in our product lineup below.

Powder Characteristics Tester
Powder Characteristics Tester ABD - 100

The Powder Characteristics Tester measures a wide variety of powder characteristics useful for measuring flowability.

The tester is an all­in­one instrument that conveniently combines measurements of angle of repose (collapse angle, angle of convergence), bulk density (loose packing, closed packing, degree of compaction), and dispersion rate.

It has a wide range of applications from laboratory testing to quality assurance.

Angle of Repose Tester

Our Angle of Repose Tester measures both the angle of repose and the flow surface angle of powders. It uses a rotating cylinder that seals off the powder from outside air, ensuring protection of the integrity of the powder for accurate results. Includes a rotational speed control.

Electromagnetic Angle of Repose Tester also available, AOR-57

Andreasen Pipette
Andreasen Pipette

Our Andreasen Pipette measures particle size distribution using the precipitation method.

Measures a wide range of particle sizes: from 0.2 microns to 30 microns.

Includes a safety pipette and a sieve.

Blaine Air Permeability Apparatus #
Blaine Air Permeability Apparatus

Our Blaine Air Permeability Apparatus measures the fineness of powder using the Blaine method (also called the air permeability method), most commonly for cement powder. It is straightforward and easy to use. The apparatus is made up of a stainless steel air permeability cell and a manometer.

Included with our Blaine Air Permeability Apparatus

  • cell stabilization stand
  • standard test sample
  • filter paper
  • droppers
  • plunger
  • funnel (for packing test samples)
  • manometer oil

Permeability Tester
Permeability Tester (Particle Density Tester)

Our Permeability Tester measures specific surface area (SSA) plus particle density.

Great for use with coarse particles (granules, fiber, fodder, mixed waste materials, etc.), which other methods (such as the Blaine method) could not accurately measure.

Bulk Density Tester JIS-Z-2504
Bulk Density Tester JIS-Z-2504

Our Bulk Density Tester easily measures the bulk density of metal powder. It simple to use with a straightforward design.

Scott Volumeter
Scott Volumeter

The Scott Volumeter measures the bulk density of powder, including metal powder, and is calibrated for use with ASTM standard B329­98

Powder Flow Tester JIS-R-1639-4
Powder Flow Tester JIS-R-1639-4

Our Powder Flow Tester is specially designed for measuring the flowability of fine ceramic powder.

Electromagnetic Vibro Bulk Density Tester VBD-2
Electromagnetic Vibro Bulk Density Tester VBD-3

Our Electromagnetic Vibro Bulk Density Tester measures the bulk density of densely­packed samples using electromagnetic vibration. A 100 ml vessel filled with the sample connects to the cylindrical frame. After the electromagnetic vibration is applied and the samples scraped, the tester weighs the samples to determine the bulk density.

Contact us for a quote on customized powder analysis instruments, or to help you find the exact powder analysis instruments & machine solutions that you need.

Powder Mixers

Mini V Mixer (Ultra-micro V shaped powder mixer)

Ultra-micro v-shape powder mixer for effective, gentle dry powder blending.

  • Ideal for small batch powder mixing
  • Low clumping
  • Precisely designed
  • Variety of useful mixer sizes
Mini V Powder Mixer →
Mini V Powder Mixer


More Powder Mixing instruments & machines

Small V Mixer S-5
Small V Mixer S-5

The Small V Blender makes quick work of effectively mixing diverse dry powders. This powder mixer blends small batches of powder into homogenous mixtures thanks to its special v shaped container, which constantly separates and reintegrates the powder, creating a uniform blend.

Includes adjustable speed (up to 70 rpm) and digital timer (up to 99 minutes).

Mixing containers are easy to clean and come in glass or 304 stainless steel in a variety of sizes, from 50 ml up to 2,000 ml.

Contact us for a quote on customized powder mixing instruments, or to help you find the exact powder mixer solutions that you need to better run your business, factory, or lab.

Powder Feeders

Mini Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeder
Mini Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeder MF-1

Our Mini Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeder feeds powder from the hopper to the horizontal trough using electromagnetic vibration.

Our Mini Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeder includes adjustable controls for a wide range of variables: hopper outlet diameter, trough width, distance between the hopper and trough, as well as vibration frequency and intensity. The feed rate ranges from several grams to several hundred grams per minute.

A bridge prevention device is available for powder samples with poor flowability.

Mini Screw Feeder
Mini Screw Feeder

Our Mini Screw Feeder efficiently feeds powder at a feed rate of up to several hundred ml per minute. It boasts a clear, easy-to-see-through glass hopper and cylinder for easy observation. Includes control for screw rotation speed and a build­in air pump for consistent, even output.

Contact us for a quote on our powder feeders, or to help you find the exact powder feeder solutions that you need to better run your business, factory, or lab.


Small Granulator
Small Granulator KAR-180

Our Small Granulator compresses powder particles to form larger granules by pressing damp powder through punch holes in the 180 mm diameter basket. The standard pore size is 1 mm, which can easily be changed by swapping out. The rotation speed of the four rotary blades is adjustable, up to 15 rpm. The granulator is easily disassembled and reassembled for easy washing. Includes a powder catch tray. Processing volume ranges from 10-15 kg/hour.

Kneading machine for our granulator is also available, contact for details about the KMM-760.

Contact us for a quote on Granulators, or to help you find the exact granulator solution that you need to better run your business, factory, or lab.

Powder Samplers / Powder Sampling

Spear Powder Sampler

Simple sampling customized just for you and your needs!

  • Customizable: any length for any size container
  • Simplifies powder sampling
  • Grade 304 stainless steel superbly resistant to corrosion
Customized Powder Sampling Device →
Spear Powder Sampler


Contact us for a quote on customized powder samplers or to allow us to help you find the exact powder sampling solution that you need to better run your business, factory, or lab.

Powder Testers / Powder Testing

Tablet Abrasion Tester
Tablet Abrasion Tester TFF-03

Our Tablet Abrasion Tester assures the quality of tablet manufacturing. It measures damage, wear, and powderization of tablets.

Powder Shear Tester
Powder Shear Tester DS-86

Our Powder Shear Tester measures internal friction angle of powder quickly and accurately. Includes a strain gauge load cell and recorder.

Contact us for a quote on customized powder testers, or to help you find the exact powder testing solutions that you need to better run your business, factory, or lab.