Tsutsui Hall Flowmeter: The answer for simple, precise powder measurement

Hall Flowmeter (ASTM B213, JIS-Z2502) by Tsutsui

Tsutsui Hall Flow meter

We're here to solve your powder flow measuring problems.

Can your business afford to rely on a process where human error is extremely likely to be a factor?

Can you depend on inconsistent data? - Human error skews results.

When a difference in hundredths of a second can change everything, you simply can't rely on data from manual timing.

Your Problem:You need to measure a powder's flowability but are stuck using a stopwatch or other unreliable, inaccurate method to time the powder as it flows. You are not confident about the inconsistent results you are getting, and it's affecting your business or lab's bottom line.

Our solution: Tsutsui's Hall Flow Meter's automatic photoelectric sensor easily and precisely measures the flow rate of any powder. The sensor automatically starts and stops and times the powder as it flows through the hall funnel. A clear digital read­out displays the measured time to the hundredth of a second. Flow measurement is a breeze.Eliminate the hassle of manually and unreliably measuring the flow rate. The sensor's superb accuracy eliminates measurement errors caused by less reliable methods. The meter is simple to use and its read­outs are easy to understand.

Tell us more! A Hall Flow Meter is a flow measurement instrument that was designed to take the guess work out of measuring the flow rate and flowability of metal and other powders. If you are manually measuring powder flowing through a funnel, you can't consistently start and stop timing and it's difficult to judge when exactly the powder enters and exits the funnel. There is also the delay involved in pressing the button on the timer to account for.

Japanese engineered precision, international standards

The photoelectric sensor on Tsutsui's Hall Flow Meter simply gives you results you can rely on. It perfectly conforms to both ASTM and ISO standards, so you can be sure your tests are giving you standardized results. While other meters are made in China, ours is proudly engineered and manufactured in Japan by Tsutsui, a company trusted since 1924 to connect professionals with quality scientific instruments. Simplify your methods and save time with Tsutsui.

  • Straightforward and easy to use
  • High quality Japanese design and manufacturing
  • Uncomplicated design: no confusing bells and whistles
  • Superior accurate results
  • ASTM and ISO standards

Product Specs

Power supply

  • AC 100 V single phase
  • 10 VA
  • 50/60 Hz


  • Photoelectric


  • Type: Digital
  • Indication: 1/100 of a second
  • Precision: ±0.005% + 20ms


  • Meter
  • Crystal dish
  • Funnel
  • Power cord

Download a PDF with Specs here

Flow rate is a crucial component in an extensive variety of industries. If you do anything related to the following, we can probably help.

Powder Metallurgy (PM)

Press-and-sinter, Metal Injection Molding (MIM), Hot isostatic pressing (HIP), Powder Forging (FP), Automotive Tools, Hardware Machines


Tablets, Capsules, Pastes, Dry powder inhalers (DPIs), Quality by Design, R&D, Manufacturing, Lower production costs, Higher yield, Prevent recalls, rejected batches, process redesign, operator intervention


Dry pressing, Isostatic pressing, Cutting tools, Spark plug insulators

Additive Manufacturing (AM) (3D Printing)

Prototyping, Biomedical, Aerospace, Automotive, Laser Metal Deposition (LMD)


And more

Complementary Products

Our Powder Characteristics Measuring Instrument gives you a great overview of several key powder characteristics that affect flowability. The instrument measures angle of repose (collapse angle and angle of convergence), bulk density (loose packing, closed packing, degree of compaction) and dispersion rate.

The Flow Surface Angle Measuring Instrument measures both flow surface angle and angle of repose through use of a rotating cylinder, which is sealed off and protects the powder from contamination from outside air that would skew results. It includes a rotational speed control.

The Bulk Density Measuring Instrument measures the bulk density of metal powder. We also offer specialized bulk density testers for pigment, vinyl chloride resin particles, artificial grinding materials, synthetic detergent, polytetrafluoroethylene resin, and activated charcoal.

Our Flowability Measuring Instrument is specifically for fine ceramic powders.

The Scott Volumeter measures bulk density according to ASTM B32998.

Our Electromagnetic Vibro Bulk Density Measuring Instrument measures densely packed samples using electromagnetic vibration. An instrument for loosely packed samples and cohesive samples with poor flowability is also available.

The Powder Shearing Tester measures internal friction angle of powder quickly and accurately using a strain gauge load cell and recorder.

Our Fineness Measuring Instrument, using the Blaine air permeability method, is equipped with a stainless steel air permeability cell and manometer and comes with a cell stabilization stand, standard test sample, filter paper, droppers, plunger, funnel, and manometer oil.

Our Permeance Tester meaures specific surface area and particle density. It is designed for coarse particles (such as granule, fiber particles, fodder, mixed waste materials, etc.) which the Blaine air permeability method could not accurately measure.

Our Andreasen Pipette measures size distribution from 0.2 to 30 microns with the precipitation method. It comes with a safety pipette and sieve.

We also have additional instruments that measure surface area, particle size distribution, and particle hardness as well as particle size of soil. Contact us for details.

Tsutsui makes devices that help you analyze many diverse characteristics of powder.

Please see our Products page for additional information.

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