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  Point Lever Detection  

"RevMonitor" is the Speed Switch which can automatically record the current revolution speed by simply pressing the MOD button. 
If the speed drops 5-10% from the recorded speed,"RevMonitor" will output an alarm signal.
"RevMonitor" is applicable for a wide variety of applications such as the detection of abnomal revolution of transfer conveyor of food production line, kneading machine, mixer etc. and chain breakage of bucket conveyor.
Easy installation and no complicated setting required.


Detection range

2.0 - 3,600 rpm

Detection accuracy +/-1% or 0.5rpm, whichever is higher

RevMonitor Brochure

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Overspeed and Slip Detection

SPEED SWITCH is a non-contact type motion sensor to detect the revolving speed of machinery shaft and operates output relay when the speed reaches setting value.

Rated speed

2000P/min Max.

Actuating speed 2P/min to 999P/min

Speed Switch Non-Contact Brochure

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Speed Switch

Extra-low speed type

Speed Switch is applicable to confirm if a mechanical shaft, which rotates in extra-low speed as typified by“ sending roller of reheat furnace”,“low speed agitator or thickener” ,etc.,rotates in proper speed.


Rated speed

179rpm Max.

Actuating speed 0.1rpm to 99.9rpm


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Speed Relay

Overspeed and Slip Detection

Speed Relay is a mechanical type motion sensor for monitoring operation speed of belt conveyors, cranes, crushers, etc., and operates when speed of the machine shaft becomes the setting speed. Since the microswitch in Speed Relay is mechanically turned ON or OFF by induction torque generated by rotation of the permanent magnet, the power supply is not necessary. Besides, the maintenance is easy.

Rated speed

80rpm to 1800rpm
33m/min. to 300m/min.

Actuating speed 60rpm (Minimum setting speed)

Speed Relay Magnetic Brochure

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Pull Cord Switch

Belt Conveyor Emergency-stop Switch

Pull Cord Switch is an emergency switch to stop the belt conveyor instantly when an accident happens. Since the Pull Cord Switch is so designed that it should be installed at the side of belt conveyor and the pull cord should be mounted along conveyor, the switch can be actuated at any position. According to the Industrial Safety & Health Regulations, it has been assigned to install the Pull Cord Switch to belt conveyor in Japan.



Reset system


Operating torque

49±9.8N(5 ± 1kgf)

Pull Cord Swithc Brochure

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Wire-rope type Emergency Stop Switch "PULLSTOP"
Wire-rope Emergency Stop

For Emergency-stop

"PULLSTOP" is the switch to stop the long transportation line such as conveyor by pulling the wire rope. It can also detect loosening and breakage of the wire rope.The Detector has the emergency stop push button as standard and can easily stop the mechanical equipment without pulling the wire rope."PULLSTOP" is complied with European Norm, ISO Standards and JIS Safety Standards.     




Reset system

Manual reset type

Operating torque

98N (with tension spring)

Wire-rope Emergency Stop Switch Brochure

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For Sway and Deviation Detection

Belt Sway Switch is a protective switch for detecting the meandering (sway or deviation) of belt conveyors, and sends out an alarm signal and an emergency stop signal. Suited to be used for belt breakage prevention and orefalling prevention due to the belt sway. Widely used in iron and steel, cement and chemical plants, thermal power plants, etc., since it is essential for safety operation of belt conveyors.




Reset system



1 contact for alarm
1 contact for emergency stop

Belt Sway Switch Brochure

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