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NBC Meshtec produces Nafitec®-treated sieve and filtration screens to fit a wide variety of industrial applications. Nafitec screens are the superior choice, whether you need to:

  • Achieve higher sieve throughputs
  • Classify charged, ultra-fine, or other delicate powder materials
  • Remove complex impurities or pathogens

Sieve Screens

We produce sieve screens from multiple different materials, treated and configured to a wide variety of industrial specifications. Our screens are available both conventional and with Nafitec® treatment, tell us what you need and we can get you a quote today.

Nafitec® sieve mesh specifications

You need mesh for a specific powder production, we have the mesh you need.

Z type

Particle size:Powders of tens of micrometers or more

S type

Particle size: Powders of tens of micrometers

F type

Particle size: Powder with particle size of 10 micrometers or less


The particle size is an approximate value. The effect depends on the material and shape of the particles in addition to the particle size. Please contact us to customize a solution for your specific needs.


Compatible with all materials used for metal, nylon, polyester, and other materials for sieve mesh.

Custom orders and product development inquiries are welcome.

Nylon — 40” (102cm) & Narrower

Nylon — 40” (102cm) & Narrower

  • NXX Series
  • NMG Series

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Mesh Selection — 42” (107cm) & Wider

Mesh Selection — 42” (107cm) & Wider

  • NL Series
  • PT Series
  • PE Series
  • PP Series
  • FC Series

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Stainless Steel & Stainless Twilled Dutch Weave

Stainless Steel & Stainless Twilled Dutch Weave

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Nafitec® Tested Materials

The following materials are known to sift effectively using Nafitec® screens. NBC Meshtec is constantly researching the effectiveness of Nafitec® screens for classifying other materials. If you are interested in classifying a material not listed here please contact us for a consultation.

Nafitec Advantages
Metals Silver, copper, nickel, metallic silicon alloy, iron powders
  • • Improved sieving throughput speed
  • • Improved efficiency & yield
  • • Reduced blinding and frequency of screen replacement
  • • Longer service life
Polymers Toner, powdered paint, polyethylene (PE) powder, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) powder, cellulose
  • • Improved efficiency
  • • Reduced maintenance frequency
Ceramics Silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide, magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium carbonate, metal oxide (Li-ion battery materials)
  • • Improved efficiency
Other Wheat flour, carbon, titanate, barium titanate, calcium carbonate, talc
  • • Improved efficiency
  • • Reduced maintenance frequency

Meeting New Industrial Needs

We are currently exploring other commercial and industrial applications for Nafitec® material treatments. Please contact us if you are interested in new product development opportunities.

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Nafitec® Product Efficacy