Sieving screen flow issues slowing down your business?

Efficiency Problems With Your Sieve or Air Classifier?

Nafitec® Screens are the Solution

Screens treated with our proprietary Nafitec® nanocoating greatly reduce blinding by allowing particles to flow easily through any-sized screen mesh.


Need Better Performance Without Replacing Your Sieving System?

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See throughputs you thought you could only get from a new sieving system, just by switching to Nafitec® screens.


Power Consumption From Your Air Classifier Too High? Is the Output unreliable?

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Air classifiers are expensive, time-consuming to configure, with very high power consumption. Switch to Nafitec® screens for more reliable classification with better sifting and power efficiency.


Frequent Maintenance Reducing Performance?

Try Nafitec® Screens

Both traditional screens and air classifiers have poor efficiency when electrostatic charges build up. Metals, plastics, and silicates easily flow through Nafitec® nanocoated screens. Even a small vibration is enough to completely deblind them.



Delivering Sieve Mesh Screen Innovation.

NBC Meshtec’s proprietary Nafitec® nanocoating inhibits particle adhesion to screens. This greatly reduces the problematic blinding issues causing bottle-necks in your sieving process. By switching to our mesh / screen solutions, your sieving efficiency improves up to 5.8x over traditional sieve screens and air classifiers.

Both sanitary and durable, Nafitec®-coated screens are suitable for classifying a wide range of materials, from mineral and metal powders, to silicates, plastics, and charged particles. Even foodstuffs like corn flour, wheat flour, and other food powders.

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See the Nafitec® Difference

Nafitec® is NBC Meshtec’s proprietary nanocoating technology, specially developed to affix inorganic nanoparticles to a variety of surface materials. Nylon or stainless steel screens / mesh treated with Nafitec® have greatly improved sieving and filtration performance compared to both traditional sieve screening and air classification.

How does it work? The Nanoparticles are much smaller than the powder particles so when the powder meets the mesh the contact between the powder particles and the nanoparticle-covered surface of Nafitec® Sieve Mesh is kept to an absolute minimum.

This prevents the powder from sticking to the Nafitec® Sieve Mesh, minimizing sieve blinding and enabling an efficient, smooth powder throughput.

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Improved Efficiency

The excellent deblinding properties of Nafitec® screens improve sieving rates up to 5.8x over untreated stainless steel screens / mesh. With this improved deblinding ability, throughput efficiency gains are possible for all types of powders on vibration sieves, centrifugal sieves, and other systems.


Reduced Production Costs

Reducing blinding by using Nafitec® screens also cuts maintenance time. Sieve up-time is increased and maintenance labor costs are reduced, making production more cost-effective.

Increasing the production capacity on your existing sieves also lets your business expand without having to make unnecessary capital expenditures on new sieving or air classifying equipment.


Improved Quality

Nafitec® screens' improved deblinding provides superior contaminant removal, even at finer particle sizes where traditional screens and air classifiers fail to properly remove impurities. While this is especially important for classifying food powders, this improved quality control has applications in a wide range of industries. Let us help you.