Micro Mist Spray Dryers for Laboratory Use

What is the Micro Mist Spray Dryer?

  • A spray dryer is a device that uses hot air to instantly dry an atomized droplet to create a fine powder.
  • The atomized droplet is called a spray if the diameter is over 10µm, and a mist if the diameter is below 10µm.
  • Our innovative Micro Mist Spray Dryer features our Four-Fluid Nozzle that atomizes liquids into mists to be turned to powder.

The MDL Series features several models to best match your specifications. Transform liquids to fine powder for a wide range of applications.

About the MMSD Micro Mist Spray Dryer (Laboratory Use Models)

MDL Series B Type MDL Series C Type MDL Series M Type MDL Series S Type
MDL Series B Type

Simple type that collects powder in the bag filter at the base
*Can convert into C or M type

Collection method:
Bag filter at the base of the drying chamber
MDL Series C Type

Cyclone type collection method for experimentation
*Can convert into B or M type

Collection method:
Cyclone type + bag filter
MDL Series M Type

Continuous collection type that utilizes a bag filter unit
Used as high-value, low-capacity production machine
*Can convert into B or C type
Collection method:
Cyclone type + bag filter with backwash
MDL Series S Type

(GMP-Compliant Model)
Stainless steel body, sight glass
Hot air travels through GMP compliant HEPA filter

Collection method:
Bag filter at the bottom of the drying chamber


  • Advanced capabilities: Even a very small specimen can be spray dried into a fine powder
  • Convenient monitoring: Glass viewing chamber for checking drying status
  • Simplified assembly, disassembly, and cleaning processes
  • Advanced centralized touch panel control
  • High-capacity production: Allows for large-scale production of an incredibly fine powder (only a few microns in size)
  • Streamlined processing: Only a short residence time inside the equipment is necessary,
    and with this finer product the equipment structure can be smaller
  • Good heat efficiency by utilizing the low temperature exhaust
  • Greater production efficiency: Eliminates the need for extra steps / processes like pulverizing and classifying
  • Superior Drying: Effectively and thoroughly dries previously difficult liquids
  • Low temperature drying: Great for pharmaceutical and food industries and protecting against denaturation
  • Adjustable design: Structured to easily transition from research to production level

Basic Specifications:

  • Water evaporation capacity: 3Kg/h
  • Atomizing method: four-fluid nozzle, straight edge
  • Drying method: Upper part hot air co-current type
  • Exhaust fan: inverter controlled, maximum 1.5m3/min
  • Hot air generator: electric heater 4kw
  • Hot air temperature: 40°C to 200°C, temperature control accuracy of ±1°C
  • Solution transportation pump: Roller Pump, maximum 50ml/min

GMP Model MMSD Micro Mist Spray Dryer Specifications

GMP Spray Dryer Option

GMP Compliant Spray Dryer for Laboratories (MDL-015G)

1. Produces single micron particles using four-fluid nozzle spray drying
2. Creates very fine uniform powder even from a small sample
3. Allows easy operation with simple touch panel control system that displays flow diagram with run/stop operating conditions of all equipment
4. Features a newly developed high-efficiency cyclone capable of collecting single micron product
5. Safely sealed from contamination and fully GMP compliant

  • Sanitary HEPA filter transports clean hot air for drying
  • Easy to clean, disassemble and reassemble using sanitary pipe and finishing


Evaporation 3 kg/h
Atomizing Device Four-fluid nozzle
Hot Air Temperature Max 200°C (392°F)
Hot Air Volume Max 0.4 m3/min (valuable)
Hot Air Generator Electric heater 2kW
Hot Air Intake Through HEPA filter
Liquid Feed Speed Max 15 ml/min
Nozzle Air 40 liter/min 20 degree 0.6MPa
Collection Method Cyclone + Bag filter
GMP Spray Dryer

*Closed-type version available

  • Spray drying with solvent is possible using totally enclosed solvent recovery unit
  • Methyl chlorides can be used as solvent by using 40 below zero degree C (F) recirculating gas

Download PDF Brochures of the MMSD Laboratory Models

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