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AAAmachine, Inc. - AAA rated unique powder technology

Please visit our AAA SAVE ENERGY site for your carbon offset solution.
====> To be applied at any manufacturing plant/office
AAA Save Energy Site

AAA Save Energy equipment
is listed as follows.

AAA Save Energy, LLC
1291 Rand Road,
Des Plaines, IL 60016 USA
toll free #: 800-996-0070, Fax: 847-376-3530

Ideal equipment
with a great idea
will save your energy.
MITSUMI Technical Industry

CHOKE VALVE can be demonstrated at AAA Save Energy in Des Plaines, IL
MITSUMI new!Iris Valve "CHOKE VALVE"- "half action" of normal iris valves (about 90-degree rotation), can close/open the valve. As a result, air cylinders can be used for automatic operation. MITSUMI Iris valve can decrease total system cost because of no use of motor valve.

Mitsumi Choke Breaker can break bridges and discharge powders/bulks by squeezing a hopper-type chute outside with a rope.

Instead of Twisting Sleeve (180degree),
Squeezing By Choking Rope (90 degree)
will make sleeve last longer
Cloth end does not rotate. Rope tightens the cloth chute

EXEN Corporation
Air knocker
Air knocker will be demonstrated at booth#2135
 Knocker / Impactor 100% operated by pneumatic, to solve any kinds of problems, such as bridging, rat hole, arching, and adhering in the hoppers / bins. This flow-aid device can solve the problem where the vibrators cannot be the solution, especially for fine and sticky powder in toner, ceramics, minerals, food, chemical industries.

Please visit Exen Air Knocker page for details.

Centrifugal stirring device without blades

M-REVO demonstrated at PBS 2016
Because of its bladeless structure, new!M-Revo does not create much metal contamination from metal vessel compared with conventional paint mixer dispersion blade.

It was originally designed for stirring paint in a paint can. Recently it can be widely used for various slurry mixing without producing foam.
Download M-Revo brochure(1,855kb),

Adsorption Heat Pump (AdHP) Chiller
Fahrenheit (Germany)

Detailed web site

If you have 149 degree F excess hot water (from solar, CHP system), 50 degree F chilled water can be produced without using compressor/Freon/Ammonia/Lithium Bromide.
AdHP chiller uses just WATER only.

For pdf brochure DOWNLOAD
* Fahrenheit 10kw AQSOA AdHP chiller LTC 10Plus flyer ( 758kb)
* Fahrenheit 10kw AQSOA AdHP chiller LTC 10e-Plus datasheet ( 406kb)
* Fahrenheit 10kw AQSOA AdHP chiller LTC 30e-Plus datasheet ( 900kb)

AAA features
(1) Can utilize solar hot water and other hot water source. (gas CHP and/or solar CHP works with AdHP chiller). This will minimize the electricity usage. 10 degree C (50 degree F) chilled water can directly be produced from hot water (65-85 degree C (149-185 degree F)) only. (Electricity is used only for control, pumps and cooling tower/dry cooler. The system has achieved Electrical COP=10, which means 1 kw electricity is used to generate 10 kw cooling capacity).
(2) No compressor, no Freon are used. Water is refrigerant. (Thermal driven heat pump system)
(3) There are no electrically-moving parts inside.
Please visit the "ICE-QUICK" video web site for cooling principles of AdHP chiller.
(4) 3 pumps are inside. You can just add cooling tower (or dry cooler) and air handler unit to cool your room.
(5) Mitsubishi Plastics AQSOA cooling system utilizing low temperature heat 65-85 degree C (149-185 degree F) hot water, which can be acquired by solar heat, cogeneration unit and other heat source/waste. This will achieve huge energy saving (up to 63% electricity saving plus heat recovery).

Data Center (to utilize CHP), waste heat or excessive solar heat available, etc.

>>>> Questionnaire for AdHP chiller by Fahrenheit


AAA Save Energy

Miniature Solar Panel (
Solar panel and power bank
Solar Panel for Oil Skimmer is also available. ABL(Advanced Blazer Limited) introduced new!miniature solar panel for small equipment driven by DC motor in addition to Back-Pack solar panel. Solar panel is manufactured by Sun Power in USA and cut/assembled in Asia.

Model : ABL280145_SB3 :
Panel size: 11" x 5-23/32"
5.8W Backpack power bank
with UL approved 5000mAh Battery

 Battery Charge Current: is 1000mA under 1000Lux (Clear Sunlight). 1000mA means smart phone (iphone 6, etc.)can be fully charged within an hour.

Please contact AAA Save Energy for details.

Miniature Power Cell
ABL (Advanced Blazer Limited)

Not available

AAA features
Compact solar panel from SUN POWER.(made in USA)

1) High efficiency solar panel from SUN POWER (made in USA)
2) Size can be customized

Possible new applications
* Back pack
* Outdoor use - mountain, desert, ocean, power supply installation worthless area
* For emergency and every-day electricity needs

Industries and use
For outdoor activity and small equipment use (driven by DC motor)

Fully Balanced Cylinder Module
K.R & D Ltd.

New concept reciprocating cylinder
to be replaced with screw, scroll, gear, vane, rotary and conventional cylinder

Not available, but web site is available.

AAA features
The new Fully Balanced Cylinder, without mechanical loss of piston reciprocating motion, has the following features:
1) High efficiency
2) Less vibration and noise (Vibration and noise induced from piston reciprocation are removed.)
3) Compact and light-weight
Then the new cylinder is ideal for the applications requiring high-speed rotation.

Possible new applications
* Compressed air power to be changed to rotating energy
* High efficiency compressor or pump => small compressor/pump using small battery

Industries and use
General internal-combustion engine, Pneumatic compressor (air conditioner, refrigerator), Vacuum pump, Fluid pump for gas and liquid, Motor using gas or liquid pressure, Turbo pump and turbine, etc.