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Packaging, Filling, Weighing, Metal detecting, Bag opening,

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Packaging, Filling, Weighing, Metal detecting, Bag opening

Automatic bagging machine - NLI Chicago Inc,

Pasta Bundling System - Takara System

Vertical Form Fill Seal machine for long goods pasta - ALTOPack, Italy

Metal Detector for Aluminum Pouch (no X-ray) - TOK Engineering
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[ Packaging/Filling/Weighing/Metal Detecting/Bag opening ]


FG series video
Automatic bagging machine
NLI Chicago Inc. (Rolling Meadows, IL)

working with Yamato auger filling system


Automatic bagging machine FG-R-8 (4page, 426kb)
Bagging machine FG series (4page, 1080kb)

AAA features
(1) Ultra-high speed powder bagging machine
Rotary-type 8-station method can achieve high speed bagging. Filling, weighing and fine adjustment filling by 3 stations ensures high capacity of powder bagging.

2) Minimal dust generation
Dust generation is minimal because the products are filled using auger screw type filler during bag lowering. This mechanism can always keep the distance between the powder level and filling tube end during filling.
>>>>>> Auger funnel with vacuum deaeration option is available. This optional mechanism allows compact filling of bulky powder. The 2ndary deaerating system enhances the efficiency of deaeration. Deflating filter can be disassembled for cleaning. 

3) Stable accuracy
Auger screw (single filling method) and built-in load cells are used to weigh and fill the products for high accuracy and stable weighing and packaging.

4) Handles multiple products
Compatible with various characteristics and filling-weight powder. Contamination can be avoided since all powder contacting parts cab be easily disassembled for cleaning.

<50% reduction of unnecessary overfill into a bag (20-50 lbs) >
NLI Automatic Bagging Machine (FG-R-8) has cut unnecessary overfill on a 50lbs bag from +-1.6 once to +-0.8once, a reduction of 50%. This is particularly important in the case of products such as powder milk, battering mix, or other valuable powder

<Payback time>
The financial advantage of NLI Automatic Bagging Machine (FG-R-8) over the conventional method is achieved by the payback time of two years for milk powder (ex. $200/50 lbs retail price). The investment is paying off very quickly, as the machine can save a lot of money by weighing the product more accurately and reducing unnecessary overfill.  

<Specifications of NLI Automatic Bagging Machine (FG-R-8)>
Machine speed: 480 bags/hr
Weight per bag: 50 lbs
Accuracy: 1/1000 (+-0.8 ounce)
Bag type: craft paper (double) + inner poly
Auger filler: Yamato auger filler (2 sets - large and small)
Operation: 22hrs/day x 240 days/year 

food (milk powder, battering mix), chemical, pharmaceuticals, metal, ceramics, etc.
--- paper bag, poly bag, aluminum bag, pinch bag

Pasta bundling system
Takara System (Japan)


PDF brochure DOWNLOAD (not available)

AAA features
(1) High speed up to 30-40 bundles/min.
(2) 100g/bundle and 3-7 bundles/polybag.
(3) built-in scale for 100g weighing

food-dry pasta, dry noodles


Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine for bulk long goods pasta
Alto Pack (Italy)


PDF brochure DOWNLOAD (not available)

AAA features
(1) Maximum speed of long 4kg bulk bag - 15 bags/min (double scale) & 20 bags/min (single scale)
(2) Scale can be supplied with packaging equipment



Metal detector for Aluminum Pouch (No X-ray type)
TOK Engineering (Japan)


Metal Detector for Aluminum Pouch (standard) (1page, 74kb)
Metal Detector for Aluminum Pouch (wide belt) (1page, 106kb)

AAA features
(1) No X-ray is used. Very safe especially in food factory
(2) Metal detecting is possible even in Aluminum pouch

food, pharmaceuticals

  >>>> Questionnaire for packaging equipment is as follows.