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Powder & Green Technology Before & After

Good stories related with powder & green technology -- the actual successful stories which AAAmachine, Inc. / AAA Save Energy LLC. believes -- should be informative and useful to many of you in this industry.
By using appropriate powder or green technology, many troubles can be solved.
Additionally, you should be able to realize the improved capability of your manufacturing process. You may not have immediate problems, but you may find a new technology which could give you a hint, improve your process and/or increase profitability

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2021.10.12 [No.29] Satake Wet Classifier

Satake iClassifier

【Company A】Significant Increase in Production Efficiency

  • Amid the rapid increase in demand for their main products, the classification process was a bottleneck in aiming to increase production. Thus the new classification technologies were being sought.
  • The raw material of the product was single-micron-size monodisperse particle. The small amount of fine powder and coarse powder in the material were removed by classification. The existing process was carried out in a gravity settling tank.

  • [Productivity improvement by introducing iClassifier]
  • In the existing process, it took 3 days (3d × 8hrs = 24hrs) to classify 1.5 kg of particles per batch; however,
  • With the introduction of the iClassifier, the process was shortened to "6 hours". (75% reduction)
  • 【Company B】Make the impossible possible (Key for homogenization of material form)

  • For the main products, they were required to further reduce the mix rate of coarse particles by the customer.
  • In the manufacturing process of the product, the raw material goes through the dry classification to remove coarse particle, but at a very small rate, coarse particles were still tampered.
  • They tried to consider removal with various dry classifiers, but could not meet the required quality.

  • [Realization of high-precision coarse grain removal by introducing iClassifier]
  • The introduction of iClassifier and wet-classification has made it possible to remove trace amounts of coarse particles that could not be removed by existing equipment.
  • The processing speed is relatively lower than that of dry equipment, thus Satake is continuing to consider equipment scale-up.

  • 2016.10.10 [No.28] Automatic bagging machine eliminates dust in the room and decrease the unnecessary overfill in the bag at the same time.

    NLI Chicago
    Automatic bagging machine FG-R-8
    1) Place: Milk powder manufacturing plant
    2) What is installed?: 1 set of Automatic bagging machine FG-R-8
    3) Before: Valve bag packaging machines were used and created dust in the room, Accuracy: 1/500 (+-1.6 ounce)
    4) After: Dust in the room is gone. 50 lbs bag - Accuracy: 1/1000 (+-0.8 ounce) and 2 year payback time
    ===> 50% reduction of unnecessary overfill into a bag (40-50 lbs) is achieved.
    <Specifications of NLI Automatic Bagging Machine (FG-R-8)>
    Machine speed: 480 bags/hr
    Weight per bag: 50 lbs
    Accuracy: 1/1000 (+-0.8 ounce)
    Bag type: craft paper (double) + inner poly
    Auger filler: Yamato auger filler (2 sets - large and small)
    Operation: 22hrs/day x 240 days/year 

    >>>> Questionnaire for this topic

    2016.10.01 [No.27] High Temperature spray dryer saved investment cost - compared with a conventional furnace/kiln with spraying system

    Fujisaki Electric
    "HIGH TEMPERATURE" type MMSD laboratory spray dryer MDL-015(C)M-H
    1) Place: Metal ion aqueous solution plant
    2) What is installed?: 1 set of spray dryer MDL-015CM-H
    3) Before: Old rotary kiln with spray system
    4) After: Slurry is directly spray dried and preheated at 600 degree C (1.112 degree F) with simple system. By drying at high temperature, dry spherical powder is pre-furnaced before the next decomposition or reaction process.
    << Features of MDL-015(C)M-H >>
    1) Evaporation speed is up to 1kg/hr(2.2 lbs/hr, exit temperature is 300 degree C - 572 degree F).
    2) Single micron order - spherical powder can be produced using 4 fluid nozzle from slurry.

    2016.06.01 [No.26] 30/35kw & 90/105kw (120,000 & 360,000 BTU/hr) Adsorption Heat Pump (AdHP) chiller are now in product line

    30kw & 90kw AdHP chiller LTC30-ePlus & LTC90-ePlus
    1) Place: Data Center in Germany
    2) What is installed?: 1 set of AdHP chiller LTC90-ePlus (thermal driven chiller utilizing hot water) and 2 sets of gas 50kw CHP (Combined Heat & Power)
    3) Before: Freon compressor HVAC system was consuming a lot of electricity at Data Center
    4) After: No grid electricity is required any more. CHP can supply required power and the generated hot water is used by AdHP chiller, which can produce chilled water (used for HVAC at Data center and direct cooling of server). No need to install complex hot water/chilled water/recooling water piping for multiple units of AdHP chiller.

    2016.05.03 [No.25] Rope twisting type Iris Valve reduces automatic valve cost
    Mitsumi Iris Valve "CHOKE VALVE" (manual-left and automatic valve-right)
    1) Place: Food powder processing plant
    2) What is installed?: Mitsumi Iris Valve with air cylinder
    3) Before: Motor drive Iris valve was used for 180-degree motion
    4) After : MITSUMI Iris Valve opens/closes valve by 90-degree motion by air cylinder

    2015.05.01 [No.24] Double Scrubber to stop dust creation from dust collector
    ACO Wet Scrubber - Double Scrubber
    1) Place: Glass manufacturing factory - after glass melter
    2) What is installed?: ACO Double Scrubber DWS-120H (120 m3/min @ 70 degreeC, 2.5kPa)
    3) Before: Dust collector was used. Precipitated material builds up on membrane filters and quickly clogs them. Gas flow rate sometimes drops down because of this and makes the room dusty.
    4) After : Precipitated material is fully collected in the scrubber. No maintenance is required. No dust in the room.

    2014.05.06 [No.23] Ferrule band type air knocker is available for sanitary purpose
    Exen 304 stainless steel air knocker with ferrule
    1) Place: Food process plant
    2) What is installed?: Ferrule band type air knocker
    3) Before: Stainless steel knocker needs to be bolted off when wash cleaning the hopper.
    4) After : By declamping the ferrule, air knocker can be easily disassembled when wash cleaning

    2013.08.10 [No.22] 10kw (36,000BTU/hr) Adsorption Heat Pump (AdHP) chiller at Data Center saves electricity
    Fahrenheit 10kw AdHP chiller LTC-10Plus
    1) Place: Data Center in Germany
    2) What is installed?: 3 sets of AdHP chiller LTC-10Plus (thermal driven chiller utilizing hot water) and 2 sets of gas 15kw CHP (Combined Heat & Power)
    3) Before: Freon compressor HVAC system was consuming a lot of electricity at Data Center
    4) After: No grid electricity is purchased. CHP can supply required power and the generated hot water is used by AdHP chiller, which can produce chilled water (used for HVAC at Data center and direct cooling of server). Investment was able to be paid back within 3 years.

    >>>> Please contact AAAmachine/ AAA Save Energy for further information.
    Powder Technology Before & After archive
    *** Flow aid for difficult discharge ***
    2009.11.01 [No.20] Low price & compact timer control box for air knocker
    Air knocker has achieved energy saving
    Transporting trouble in pipe - Powder milk case
    Discharge trouble from hopper - Toner case
    Cokes plant case - discharge trouble from hopper
    2008.02.29 [No.5] Incinerator plant case - discharge trouble from hopper
    2008.01.31 [No.3] Sugar refining plant case - discharge trouble from hopper

    2007.12.31 [No.2] Grain discharge trouble from hopper
    *** Dust control or recycling problem ***
    2009.11.01 [No.21] Pleats cartridge filter in food grade
    2009.10.01 [No.18]
    Wet scrubber has improved maintenance for salt line
    2009.08.01 [No.15] Recycling Electric Appliance (difficulty in removing fine powder/foam)
    2009.06.01 [No.13]
    Recycling PVC floor tile (difficulty in removing fiber)
    2008.10.31 [No.11] White spot (foreign articles) trouble - PMMA (acrylic) Pellet case
    *** Carbon offset, energy saving solution ***
    2009.08.01 [No.14] 20% energy save Desiccant HVAC (than Silicagel) - 40 to 80 degreeC low temp. hot air exhaust can be utilized
    2009.05.31 [No.12]
    Solar power HVAC solution - low temperature hot air exhaust
    *** Toner solution ***

    2008.09.30 [No.10] Extruding trouble - Color Toner case
    [No.1] 5 micron pulverized toner can be produced.
    *** Dosing trouble ***
    2008.06.30 [No.7]
    Weighing accuracy - Dosing trouble

    *** Pulverizing trouble ***
    2008.01.31 [No.4] Perfect pulverizer for coffee/grain material
    *** Sensing trouble ***
    2009.09.01 [No.17] Belt conveyor swaying trouble
    Level sensing problem for high temperature liquid