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Filter, filter cloth, wire mesh, screen mesh,

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Filter, filter cloth, wire mesh, screen mesh

Stainless steel wire mesh - Asada Mesh

Industrial screen mesh treatment for sieve/sifter/filter "NAFITEC" - NBC Meshtec

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[ Filter, filter cloth, filter material/ Screen mesh (metal, plastic) ,Filtering ]


Oblong opening

Square opening
Stainless steel wire mesh (13 to 250 micron opening)

Asada Mesh (Japan)

Detailed web site

Asadamesh Oblong sieve flier (1,260kb)
Asadamesh13 micron opening wire mesh (1,298kb)
Asadamesh wire mesh general brochure (1,260kb)

AAA features
(1) Opening accuracy is less than ±10%
(ex. 45μm opening range is from 41 to 49μm)
(2) Various Ultra fine opening mesh from 54 to16μm.
(3) Oblong opening (from 25/32 micron) wiremesh is used for sieving spherical powder
(4) High Opening Rate - Hard Mesh(Super mesh: 230 to 360 mesh)
Ultra hard and fine wire materials (about half diameter of the conventional wire --- 20/45 microns, 23/40 microns wire dia.) has made it possible to weave high opening rate mesh with high tensile strength. It increases processing capacity dramatically (50% more capacity at 54 - 80 microns opening).

Sieve: Solder, Toner, Silica, Silver powder, carrier, CaCO3, Battery material, Abrasive, Aluminum flake powder, Talc, Glass beads, Alumina etc.
Filter: Automotive component, Distilling column, Oil filter, Paste filtering, etc.



Non treated Nylon
 Nafitec treated
Industrial screen mesh treatment for sieve/sifter/filter - NAFITEC
NBC Meshtec

Detailed web site

Nafitec_screen_mesh-NBC (758kb)
Screen_Mesh_Spec_Table_40inch width (112kb)
Screen_Mesh_Spec_Table_42inch width or wider (104kb)

AAA features
(1) Nylon, Polyester and other material available in wide range of screen mesh size
(2) Nafitec treatment to Nylon/Wiremesh screens is creating new market == more air flow with finer mesh, less clogging with same opening mesh, etc.
(3) To be used as industrial filter
(4) Insect net for HACCP/IPM

food, plastics, metal, insect/mosquito mesh  


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